Prof. Martin Lukac 講演会のご案内(2018.06.14)

IEEE広島支部共催にて、来たる6月14日に Prof. Martin Lukac の講演会が開催されます。


場所:広島工業大学 五日市キャンパス
三宅の森Nexus21 講義棟 7階703教室

講演者:Prof. Martin Lukac
講演者所属:Nazarbayev University, カザフスタン

演題:From Reversible Functions to Quantum Computers

The design of quantum computers starts from the transformation of irreversible functions into reversible. This step is followed by transforming reversible circuits into quantum circuits. In this work I will present three different methods of designing quantum circuits. First the Quantum Encoded Quantum Genetic Algorithms design quantum circuits directly form the quantum elementary gates. The Sifting algorithms refactor existing reversible circuit into more efficient and cost reducing form. The CNOT=Measure quantum network is a model that allows to build universal quantum computational units using machine learning. Finally I will show the current state of using these algorithm on the Quantum computer simulators available publicly.

広島市立大学 永山忍
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