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The IEEE, a non-profit organization, is the world's leading professional association for the advancement of technology. The full name of the IEEE is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

The IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS)

The field of interest for EDS is all aspects of engineering, physics, theory, experiment and simulation of electron and ion devices involving insulators, metals, organic materials, plasmas, semiconductors, quantum-effect materials, vacuum, and emerging materials. Specific applications of these devices include bioelectronics, biomedical, computation, communications, displays, electro and micro mechanics, imaging, micro actuators, optical, photovoltaics, power, sensors and signal processing.

The Society is concerned with research, development, design and manufacture related to materials, processing, technology, and applications of such devices, and scientific, technical, educational and other activities that contribute to the advancement of this field.

EDS now has about 12,500 members and more than 100 chapters worldwide.

EDS Japan Chapter

EDS Japan Chapter was founded in 1972. We have been supporting our members in Japan who work on electronics devices field to further grow as experts in research and development. We hold workshops on advanced technologies and distinguished lecturer (DL) Seminars, and co-sponsor various technical meetings in cooperation with related societies. We also provide valuable information on research and development activities by the members-only mailing list.

In addition, we award a prize named "EDS Japan Chapter Student Award" to young researchers from a university or graduate school in Japan who has made a significant contribution to electronic device technology. We encourage student researchers to participate academic societies and stimulate their research activities.

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