IEEE Metro Area Workshop 2020 in Hiroshima

The IEEE Metro Area Workshop 2020 (MAW2020) will be held on October 16, 2020. In the IEEE MAW which supplies the opportunity for interdisciplinary interaction., speakers introduce the latest trends in technology. The goal of MAW is to promote “Advancing Technology for Humanity” which is set a goal by the IEEE and contribute development of society.

MAW2020 Report (pdf file

 Overview: On October 16, 2020, “Metro Area Workshop (MAW) 2020 in Hiroshima” was held at Hiroshima Garden Palace hotel in Hiroshima City. At this year’s MAW, we invited 7 speakers for giving special talks regarding advanced information and communication technology that supports social infrastructure in the Mobile era under the theme of “IoT created by Mobile, Mobility accelerated by IoT”. We were very pleased with interesting and impactful presentations on the latest communication technologies in high-speed mobile objects such as cars and railways, and the development issues of various communication systems surrounding IoT. There were many participants from many companies, local governments, and universities: 56 participants at the venue, and 118 participants online, a total of 174 participants. The exchange meeting after the workshop ended with great success with 46 participants.