The Society on Social Implications of Technology
 (Japan Chapter)

June. 17, 2019

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Meeting Schedule (Revised on Sep. 5 2011)
2019SITIM Call for Papers (Revised on June 17, 2019)

 Scope of The Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT)

 Japanese Here

 Health and Safety Implications of Technology
 Engineering Ethics and Professional Responsibility
 Histry of Electrotechnology
 Technical Expertise and Public Policy
 Social Issues related to Energy
 Social Issues related to Information Technology
 Social Issues related to Telecommunications
 System Analysis in Public Policy Decisions
 Economicissues related to Technology
 Peace Technology
 Environmental Implications of Technology

 Japan Chapter of the Social Implications of Technology (SSITJ)
is established on Aug. 5, 1983. (SSIT is established in 1982)

 Member is about 40 in Japan.

 At present, technical meeting is held almost every month by an assistance of Informationalization Committee in Japan Consulting Engineers Association.
 Recently technical meeting is held once a year with SITE(Social Implications of Technology and Ethics)in the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, etc.