OAA2003において、以下の方々にJapan ChapterよりStudent Awardを授与しました。

Vanholsbeeck Frédérique Univ. Libre de Bruxelles Raman gain enhancement through four-wave mixing in a microstructured photonic crystal fiber
Nishihara Masato Fujitsu Labs., Ltd. Characterization and new numerical model of spectral hole burning in broadband erbium-doped fiber amplifier
Yam Scott S. Stanford Univ./Sprint ATL 20dB intra-cavity net gain with Raman fiber oscillator
Kani Jun-ichi NTT A wavelength-tunable optical transmitter using semiconductor optical amplifiers and an optical tunable filter for metro/access DWDM applications
Miura Akira Fujitsu Labs., Ltd. 25 GHz-spaced 10 Gbps x 160 channels, 3000 km E-LEAF transmission experiment by using dispersion management to mitigate XPM-induced waveform distortion