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IEEE EDS Japan Joint Chapter Student Award

  IEEE EDS Japan Joint Chapterは、学生研究者の学会活動を奨励し研究活動を活性化するために、2002年にJapan Chapter Student Awardを創設致しました。


また、対象者はIEEE EDS学生会員あるいは、本賞授与時までに入会申請手続きをとって頂ける方になります。学生会員入会手続きはIEEE東京支部のホームページをご参考下さい。


第18回 2019年IEEE EDS Student Award(2020年2月7日授与)
IEEE EDS Japan Chapter Student Award (VLSI)
Masaki Abe, Chuo University
“Pre-shipment Data-retention/Read-disturb Lifetime Prediction & Aftermarket Cell Error Detection & Correction by Neural Network for 3D-TLC NAND Flash Memory”
Chengji Jin, The University of Tokyo
“Transient Negative Capacitance as Cause of Reverse Drain-induced Barrier Lowering and Negative Differential Resistance in Ferroelectric FETs”
Tsung-En Lee, The University of Tokyo
“Improvement of SiGe MOS interface properties with a wide range of Ge contents by using TiN/Y2O3 gate stacks with TMA passivation”
Fei Mo, The University of Tokyo
“Experimental Demonstration of Ferroelectric HfO2 FET with Ultrathin-body IGZO for High-Density and Low-Power Memory Application”

IEEE EDS Japan Chapter Student Award (IEDM)
Kanako Ando, Kagawa University
“Highly Sensitive Silicon Slip Sensing Imager for Forceps Grippers Used under Low Friction Condition”
Takuya Maeda, Kyoto University
“Impact Ionization Coefficients in GaN Measured by Above- and Sub-Eg Illuminations for p−/n+ Junction”

第17回 2018年IEEE EDS Student Award(2019年1月25日授与)
IEEE EDS Japan Chapter Student Award (VLSI)
Yusuke Yamaga, Chuo University
5x Reliability Enhanced 40nm TaOx Approximate-ReRAM with Domain-Specific Computing for Real-time Image Recognition of IoT Edge Devices
Kwang-Won Jo, The University of Tokyo
Hole mobility enhancement in extremely-thin-body strained GOI and SGOI pMOSFETs by improved Ge condensation method

IEEE EDS Japan Chapter Student Award (IEDM)

Maasa Murata, Tohoku University
A 24.3Me- Full Well Capacity CMOS Image Sensor with Lateral Overflow Integration Trench Capacitor for High Precision Near Infrared Absorption Imaging
Fei Mo, The University of Tokyo
Scalability Study on Ferroelectric-HfO2 Tunnel Junction Memory Based on Non-equilibrium Green Function Method with Self-consistent Potential
Masahiro Yamamoto, Tohoku University
A CMOS Proximity Capacitance Image Sensor with 16um Pixel Pitch, 0.1aF Detection Accuracy and 60 Frames Per Second
Takuya Maeda, Kyoto University
Parallel-Plane Breakdown Fields of 2.8-3.5 MV/cm in GaN-on-GaN p-n Junction Diodes with Double-Side-Depleted Shallow Bevel Termination
Chengji Jin, The University of Tokyo
Experimental Study on the Role of Polarization Switching in Subthreshold Characteristics of HfO2-based Ferroelectric and Anti-ferroelectric FET
Mengnan Ke, The University of Tokyo
Characterization and understanding of slow traps in GeOx-based n-Ge MOS interfaces

第16回 2017年IEEE EDS Student Award(2018年2月2日授与)
IEEE EDS Japan Chapter Student Award (VLSI)
Hiroshi Oka, Osaka University
Enhancement-mode n-channel TFT and Room-temperature Near-infrared Emission Based on n+/p junction in Single-crystalline GeSn on Transparent Substrate
Masashi Haraguchi, Keio University
A 6Gb/s Rotatable Non-Contact Connector withHigh-Speed/I2C/CAN/SPI Interface Bridge IC
Wu-Kang Kim, The University of Tokyo
High Performance 4.5-nm-Thick Compressively-Strained Ge-on-Insulator pMOSFETs Fabricated by Ge Condensation with Optimized Temperature Control
Yoshiaki Deguchi, Chuo University
Flash Reliability Boost Huffman Coding (FRBH): Co-Optimization of Data Compressionand VTH Distribution Modulation to Enhance Data-Retention Time by over 2900x

IEEE EDS Japan Chapter Student Award (IEDM)

Kyoji Mizoguchi, Chuo University
Lateral Charge Migration Suppression of 3D-NAND Flash by Vth Nearing for Near Data Computing
Xuan Tian, The University of Tokyo
Sub-nm EOT Ferroelectric HfO2 on p+Ge with Highly Reliable Field Cycling Properties

第15回 2016年IEEE EDS Student Award(2017年2月15日授与)

IEEE EDS Japan Chapter Student Award (VLSI)
Dae-Hwan Ahn (The University of Tokyo)
Performance improvement of InxGa1‐xAs Tunnel FETs with Quantum Well and EOT scaling
Atsuro Kobayashii (Chuo University)
Versatile TLC NAND Flash Memory Control to Reduce Read Disturb Errors by 85% and Extend Read Cycles by 6.7‐times of Read‐Hot and Cold Data for Cloud Data Centersi
Hidetake Sugo (Tohoku University)
A Dead-time Free Global Shutter CMOS Image Sensor with in-pixel LOFIC and ADC using Pixel-wise Connections
Sho Ikeda (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
An 8.865‐GHz ‐244dB‐FOM High‐Frequency Piezoelectric Resonator‐Based Cascaded Fractional‐N PLL with Sub‐ppb‐Order Channel Adjusting Technique

IEEE EDS Japan Chapter Student Award (IEDM)
Manabu Suzuki (Tohoku University)
An Over 1Mfps Global Shutter CMOS Image Sensor with 480 Frame Storage Using Vertical Analog Memory Integration

Junjie An (University of Tsukuba)

Experimental Demonstration of -730V Vertical SiC p-MOSFET with High Short Circuit Withstand Capability for Complementary Inverter Applications

Chih-Yu Changi (The University of Tokyo)
Impact of La2O3/InGaAs MOS Interface on InGaAs MOSFET Performance and its Application to InGaAs Negative Capacitance FET
 Hiroshi Oka (Osaka University)
High-mobility TFT and Enhanced Luminescence Utilizing Nucleation-controlled GeSn Growth on Transparent substrate for Monolithic Optoelectronic Integration
 Lun Xu (The University of Tokyo)
General Relationship for Cation and Anion Doping Effects on Ferroelectric HfO2 Formation
 Jae-Hoon Han (The University of Tokyo)
Extremely High Modulation Efficiency III-V/Si hybrid MOS Optical Modulator Fabricated by Direct Wafer Bonding

第14回 2015年IEEE EDS Student Award(2016年2月9日授与)

IEEE EDS Japan Chapter Student Award (VLSI)
  • Cimang Lu (東京大学)
    Design and Demonstration of Reliability-aware Ge Gate Stacks with 0.5 nm EOT
    Koichi Nishi (東京大学)
    High Hole Mobility Front-gate InAs/InGaSb-OI Single Structure CMOS on Si
    Hao Qiu (東京大学)
    Impact of Random Telegraph Noise on Write Stability in Silicon-on-Thin-BOX (SOTB) SRAM Cells at Low Supply Voltage in Sub-0.4V Regime
    Senju Yamazaki(中央大学)
    Reliability Enhancement of 1X nm TLC for Cold Flash and Millennium Memories
IEEE EDS Japan Chapter Student Award (IEDM)
  • Xiao Yu (東京大学)
    Experimental Study on Carrier Transport Properties in Extremely-Thin Body Ge-on-Insulator (GOI) p-MOSFETs with GOI Thickness Down to 2 nm

    Xiuyan Li (東京大学)

    Self-decomposition of SiO2 due to Si-chemical Potential Increase in SiO2 between HfO2 and Substrate Comprehensive Understanding of SiO2-IL Scavenging in HfO2 Gate Stacks on Si, SiGe and SiC –

    Shoichi Kabuyanagi (東京大学)
    Effects of Free-carriers on Rigid Band and Bond Descriptions in Germanium Key to Designing and Modeling in Ge Nano-devices –

13回 2014 IEEE EDS Student Award 2015212日授与)


IEEE EDS Japan Chapter Student Award (VLSI)


Sheyang Ning (東京大学、中央大学)

23% Faster Program and 40% Energy Reduction of Carbon Nanotube Non-volatile Memory with Over 1011 Endurance


Sang Hyeon Kim (東京大学)

High Performance InGaAs-On-Insulator MOSFETs on Si by Novel Direct Wafer Bonding Technology applicable to Large Wafer Size Si


Akitsugu Ueda (東京大学)

Ultra-Low Voltage (0.1V) Operation of Vth Self-Adjusting MOSFET and SRAM Cell


IEEE EDS Japan Chapter Student Award (IEDM)


Xiuyan Li (東京大学)

Analytical Formulation of SiO2-IL Scavenging in HfO2/SiO2/Si Gate Stacks:A Key is the SiO2/Si Interface Reaction


Minsoo Kim (東京大学)

High Ion/Ioff Ge-source Ultrathin Body Strained-SOI Tunnel FETs – Impact of Channel Strain, MOS Interfaces and Back Gate on the Electrical Properties   


Akito Suzuki (早稲田大学)

Source-induced RDF Overwhelms RTN in Nanowire Transistor: Statistical Analysis with Full Device EMC/MD Simulation Accelerated by GPU Computing


12回 2013 IEEE EDS Student Award 201423日授与)


IEEE EDS Japan Chapter Student Award (VLSI)


Choong Hyun Lee (東京大学)

Enhancement of High-Ns Electron Mobility in Sub-nm EOT Ge n-MOSFETs”


Sang Hyeon Kim (東京大学)

Strained Extremely-Thin Body In0.53Ga0.47As-On-Insulator MOSFET on Si Substrates” and

High Performance Extremely-Thin Body InAs-On-Insulator MOSFETs on Si with Ni-InGaAs Metal S/D by Contact Resistance Reduction Technology”



IEEE EDS Japan Chapter Student Award (IEDM)


Dariush Hassan Zadeh (東京工業大学)

Low Dit High-k/In0.53Ga0.47As Gate Stack, with CET Down to 0.73 nm and Thermally Stable Silicide Contact by Suppression of Interfacial Reaction”


Go Oike (東京大学)

High Electron Mobility (>16 cm2/Vsec) FETs with High On/Off Ratio (>106) and Highly Conductive Films (σ>102 S/cm) by Chemical Doping in Very Thin (~20 nm) TiO2 Films on Thermally Grown SiO2


Muneki Akazawa (広島大学)

Local Transfer of Single-Crystalline Silicon (100) Layer by Meniscus Force and Its Application to High-Performance MOSFET Fabrication on Glass Substrate”


Shunsuke Koba (神戸大学)

The Impact of Increased Deformation Potential at MOS Interface on Quasi-Ballistic Transport in Ultrathin Channel MOSFETs Scaled down to Sub-10 nm Channel Length”


Munetaka Noguchi  (東京大学)

High Ion/Ioff and Low Subthreshold Slope Planar-Type InGaAs Tunnel FETs with Zn-Diffused Source Junctions”






11回 2012 IEEE EDS Student Award 201324日授与)


IEEE EDS Japan Chapter Student Award (VLSI)


Rui Zhang  東京大学

High Mobility Ge pMOSFETs with 0.7 nm Ultrathin EOT using HfO2/Al2O3/GeOx/Ge Gate Stacks Fabricated by Plasma Post Oxidation”


SangHyeon Kim 東京大学

“Sub-60 nm Deeply-Scaled Channel Length Extremely-thin Body InxGa1-xAs-On-Insulator MOSFETs on a Si with Ni-InGaAs Metal S/D and MOS Interface Buffer Engineering”



IEEE EDS Japan Chapter Student Award (IEDM)


Kentaro Kukita (大阪大学)

Impact of Quasi-Ballistic Phonon Transport on Thermal Properties in Nanoscale Devices: A Monte Carlo Approach”


Takashi Matsumoto (京都大学)

Impact of Random Telegraph Noise on CMOS Logic Delay Uncertainty under Low Voltage Operation”


Nobuyasu Beppu (東京工業大学)

Experimental Study of Self-Heating Effect (SHE) in SOI MOSFETs: Accurate Understanding of Temperatures During AC Conductance Measurement, Proposals of 2ω Method and Modified Pulsed IV”


2011年 第10回 敬称略50音順, 201221日授与)

IEEE EDS Japan Chapter Student Award (VLSI)


Rui Zhang  東京大学

“High Mobility Ge pMOSFETs with ~1nm Thin EOT Using Al2O3/GeOx/Ge Gate Stacks Fabricated by Plasma Post Oxidation”


SangHyeon Kim 東京大学

“High Performance Extremely-Thin Body III-V-On-Insulator MOSFETs on a Si Substrate with Ni-InGaAs Metal S/D and MOS Interface Buffer Engineering”


Yasuhiro Nakajima 東京大学

“Phase Transformation Kinetics of HfO2 Polymorphs in Ultra-Thin Region”


IEEE EDS Japan Chapter Student Award (IEDM)


Yoshiharu Yonai  東京工業大学

“High drain current (>2A/mm) InGaAs channel MOSFET at VD=0.5V with shrinkage of channel length by InP


Teruyuki Ohashi  東京工業大学

“Experimental Evidence of Increased Deformation Potential at MOS Interface and Its Impact on Characteristics of ETSOI FETs”


Tsunaki Takahashi  東京工業大学

“Thermal-Aware Device Design of Nanoscale Bulk/SOI FinFETs: Suppression of Operation Temperature and Its Variability”


Tomoyuki Yokota  東京大学

“Sheet-type Organic Active Matrix Amplifier System using Vth-Tunable, Pseudo-CMOS Circuits with Floating-gate Structure”


Student Award-1.jpg Award seven.jpg


歴代受賞者 (敬称略、50音順)

2010年 第9回 

Naotoshi Kadotani 角谷 直哉 (東京工業大学)
Anomalous Electron Mobility in Extremely-Thin SOI (ETSOI) Diffusion Layers with SOI Thickness of Less Than 10 nm and High Doping Concentration of Greater Than 1x1018cm-3 (2010 IEDM)

Sang Hyeon Kim 金 相賢(東京大学)
Self-aligned Metal Source/Drain InxGa1-xAs n-MOSFETs Using Ni-InGaAs Alloy (2010 IEDM)

Choong Hyun Lee  李 忠賢 (東京大学)
Ge MOSFETs Performance: Impact of Ge Interface Passivation (2010 IEDM)

Xiaowei Song 宋 驍嵬 (東京大学)
Impact of DIBL Variability on SRAM Static Noise Margin Analyzed by DMA SRAM TEG (2010 IEDM)

Makoto Suzuki 鈴木 誠 (東京大学)
Direct Measurements, Analysis, and Post-Fabrication Improvement of Noise Margins in SRAM Cells Utilizing DMA SRAM TEG (2010 Symp. on VLSI Technology)

Kiichi Tachi  舘 喜一 (東京工業大学)
Experimental Study on Carrier Transport Limiting Phenomena in 10 nm Width Nanowire CMOS Transistors  (2010 IEDM)

Keita Yamaguchi  山口 慶太 (筑波大学)
Universal Guiding Principle for the Fabrication of Highly Scalable MONOS-Type Memories -Atomistic Recipes Based on Designing Interface Oxygen Chemical Potential-  (2010 IEDM)


2009年 第8回 


受賞者: Miyuki Kouda 幸田 みゆき  (東京工業大学)
“Charged Defects Reduction in Gate Insulator with Multivalent Materials” (2009 Symp. on VLSI Technology)

受賞者: Ken Shimizu 清水 健 東京大学
“Physical Understandings of Si (110) Hole Mobility in Ultra-Thin Body pFETs by <110> and <111> Uniaxial Compressive Strain” (2009 IEDM)

受賞者: Makoto Suzuki 鈴木 誠 (東京大学)
“Post-Fabrication Self-Convergence Scheme for Suppressing Variability in SRAM Cells and Logic Transistors” (2009 Symp. on VLSI Technology)

受賞者: Tsunaki Takahashi  高橋 綱己 (東京工業大学)
“Direct Observation of Subband Structures in (110) pMOSFETs under High Magnetic Field: Impact of Energy Split Between Bands and Effective Masses on Hole Mobility”
 (2009 IEDM)

受賞者: Kiichi Tachi  舘 喜一 (東京工業大学)
“Relationship Between Mobility and High-k Interface Properties in Advanced Si and SiGe Nanowires”
 (2009 IEDM)

受賞者: Shuhei Tanakamaru  田中丸 周平 (東京大学)
“A 0.5V Operation, 32% Lower Active Power, 42% Lower Leakage Current, Ferroelectric 6T-SRAM with VTH Self-Adjusting Function for 60% Larger Static Noise Margin” (2009 IEDM)

受賞者: Jiezhi Chen 陳 杰智 (東京大学)
“High Hole Mobility in Multiple Silicon Nanowire Gate-All-Around pMOSFETs on (110) SOI” (2009
Symp. on VLSI Technology)

受賞者: Kohei Nakanishi 中西 洸平 (筑波大学)
“Self-Consistent Monte Carlo Device Simulations Under Nano-Scale Device Structures: Role of Coulomb Interaction, Degeneracy, and Boundary Condition”
 (2009 IEDM)

受賞者: Arifin Tamsir Putra 東京大学
“A New Methodology for Evaluating VT Variability Considering Dopant Depth Profile” (2009
Symp. on VLSI Technology)

受賞者: Kiyohito Morii 森井 清仁 (東京大学)
“High Performance GeO
/Ge nMOSFETs with Source/Drain Junctions Formed by Gas Phase Doping”  (2009 IEDM)

受賞者: Keita Yamaguchi  山口 慶太(筑波大学)
“Atomistic Guiding Principles for MONOS-Type Memories with High Program/Erase Cycle Endurance”  (2009 IEDM)

受賞者: Choong Hyun Lee 李 忠賢(東京大学)
“Record-high Electron Mobility in Ge n-MOSFETs Exceeding Si Universality”
 (2009 IEDM)








2008年 第7

受賞者: Yusaku Kato 加藤 祐作 (東京大学)

"A Large-Area, Flexible, Ultrasonic Imaging System With A Printed Organic Transistor Active Matrix " (2008 IEDM)


受賞者: Shoma Kuga 久我 翔馬 (早稲田大学)

"Precise Detection Of Single Mismatched DNA With Functionalized Diamond Electrolyte Solution Gate FET" (2008 IEDM)


受賞者: Ken Shimizu 清水 健 (東京大学)

  "Experimental Investigation on the Origin of Direction Dependence of Si(110) Hole Mobility Utilizing Ultra-Thin Body pMOSFETs " (2008 IEDM)


受賞者: Jiezhi Chen (東京大学)

  "Experimental Study of Mobility in [110]- and [100]-Directed Multiple Silicon Nanowire GAA MOSFETs on (100) SOI" (2008 Symp. on VLSI Technology)


受賞者: Yousuke Nakakita  中北 要佑 (東京大学)

  "Interface-Controlled Self-Align Source/Drain Ge pMOSFETs Using Thermally-Oxidized GeO2 Interfacial Layers" (2008 IEDM)


受賞者: Yeon-Joo Jeong (東京大学)

  “Uniaxial Strain Effects on Silicon Nanowire pMOSFET and Single-Hole Transistor at Room Temperature (2008 IEDM)


2007年 第6

受賞者: Kenichi Abe 阿部 健一 (東北大学)

"Random Telegraph Signal Statistical Analysis using a Very Large-Scale Array TEG with 1M MOSFETs” 2007 Symp. On VLSI Technology


受賞者: Ken Shimizu 清水 健 (東京大学)

" Mobility Enhancement in Uniaxially Strained (110) Oriented Ultra-Thin Body Single- and Double-Gate MOSFETs  with SOI Thickness of Less Than 4 nm " 2007 IEDM


受賞者: Toshitake Takahashi 高橋 俊岳 (東京大学)

" Proof of Ge-Interfacing Concepts for Metal/High-k/Ge CMOS  -- Ge-Intimate Material Selection and Interface Conscious Process Flow --” 2007 IEDM


受賞者: Kazuyuki Hirama 平間 一行 (早稲田大学)

" High-Performance P-Channel Diamond MOSFETs  with Alumina Gate Insulator” 2007 IEDM

2006年 第5

2005年 第4
加藤祐作(東京大学)、上村崇史(大阪大学)、黒田理人(東北大学)、筒井元(東京大学)、山村 傑(大阪大学)

2004年 第3 

2003年 第2

2002年 第1