IEEE Electron Devices Society ~Japan Joint Chapter~

EDS Newsletter: July 2012

On Feb. 1, 2012, the annual meeting of the EDS Japan Chapter was held in Tokyo. Dr. Shin’ichiro Kimura, Japan Chapter Chair reported 2011 activities and 2012 plans of the Chapter. At the meeting, the 2011 EDS Japan Chapter Student Award was presented to 7 students who made an excellent presentation at the IEDM or Symposium on VLSI Technology held in 2011. The award winners are posted on the Japan Chapter’s webpage; (

After the annual meeting, the IEDM 2011 Report Session was held. Six Japanese members of the IEDM program committee reported on summary, topics and research trends of their committees for the benefit of members who were not able to attend the IEDM. Around seventy members including non-members attended the Session.

The executive committee meeting of the EDS Japan chapter was also held on the same day. The guests: Prof. Hiroshi Iwai, EDS Jr. Past President and Prof. Kazuo Tsutsui, former EDS Newsletter Regional Editor were welcomed by 2011 & 2012 EDS Japan Chapter Executives: Dr. Shin’ichiro Kimura; 2011 EDS Japan Chapter Chair, Prof. Akira Toriumi ; 2012 Chair, Dr. Tohru Mogami; 2012 Vice Chair, Dr. Kazuyoshi Torii; 2011 Secretary, Prof. Koji Kita; 2012 Secretary, and Dr. Meishoku Masahara; 2012 Treasurer. The activities in 2011 and the plans for 2012 of the Chapter were approved at the meeting.

2012&2011 executive committee meeting attendees. First row (from left): Prof. A. Toriumi, Prof. H. Iwai, and Dr. S. Kimura. Second row (from left): Dr. M. Masahara, Dr. T. Mogami, Dr. K. Torii, Prof. K. Tsutsui, and Prof. K. Kita.