IEEE Electron Devices Society ~Japan Joint Chapter~

EDS Newsletter: July 2006

ED Japan Chapter
- by Atsushi Kurobe, Chair

The officers of the EDS Japan Chapter retired upon termination of their 2 year term at the end of 2005. For 2006-2007 the chapter has a new chair and staff. They are Dr. Atsushi Kurobe (Toshiba Corp.), Chair; Prof. Mitsumasa Koyanagi (Tohoku Univ.), Vice-Chair; Dr. Hisayo S. Momose (Toshiba Corp.), Secretary; and Prof. Tetsu Tanaka, (Tohoku Univ.), Treasurer. We would like to thank the former executive officers for their great contribution to the EDS Japan Chapter.

On January 12th, the annual meeting of the EDS Japan Chapter was held in Tokyo. The new executive officers were introduced to the members. The 2005 activities and the 2006 plan of the Chapter were approved. At the meeting, the 2005 EDS Japan Chapter Student Award was given to five students for their outstanding activities in the research of electron devices last year. They are Yusaku Kato (Univ. of Tokyo), Takafumi Kamimura (Osaka Univ.), Rihito Kuroda (Tohoku Univ.), Gen Tsutsui (Univ. of Tokyo) and M. Yamamura (Osaka Univ.). They received the metallic certificate plaques and premiums from Prof. Hiroshi Ishiwara (Tokyo Institute of Technology), the 2004-2005 Chapter Chair.

Following the annual meeting on the same day, the Briefing Session regarding the 2005 IEDM was held. Five speakers gave summary talks on the highlights of the IEDM. This session has gained widespread popularity among engineers in Japan who did not have a chance to attend the last IEDM in order to get the most advanced information on electron device technology. The session, with 80 participants, was very successful.

In addition, at the end of January, the International Workshop on Nano CMOS was held in Mishima, Japan, by IEEE ED Japan Chapter. The successful workshop is reported in the next paragraph by Prof. Kazuo Tsutsui, Chair of the Program Committee of the Workshop and the former Secretary of EDS Japan Chapter.

The committee meeting of the EDS Japan chapter this January. From the left at the front: Prof. Hiroshi Iwai, Partner and EDS Jr. Past President; Prof. Hiroshi Ishiwara, ex-Chair; Dr. Atsushi Kurobe, new Chair; and Prof. Yasuo Ikawa, ex-Vice Chair.