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The objective of IEEE EPS Japan Chapter is to promote scientific researches and knowledge exchanges among its members in the fields of various kinds of electrical parts and materials, the cutting-edge process technology, packaging technology and industrial technology. These are essential for realizing the state of art communication and information processing equipment and terminal equipment which will support the multi-media society in the coning millennium. Through the researches and the knowledge exchanges, we promote the development of the industrial society. Several international conferences, such as ICEP Symposium, are held annually in which the members present their recent researches and discuss vigorously. Sometimes, the symposiums on hot subjects are organized under cooperation with related societies to promote timely studies. Membership in IEEE EPS Japan Chapter provides the latest technical information and various discounts. Join us today.
48th Evening Meeting

Thechnical Area

Core Technologies

-Fiber Optics and Photonics
-Electrical Test
-Electrical Design, Modeling and Simulation
-Thermal Management and Thermomechanical Design
-Technology Trend

Components and Devices

-Electrical Contacts, Connectors and Cable


-Discrete and Integrated Passives
-IC and Package Assembly
-High Density Substrates and Boards
-MEMS and Sensor Packaging
-Nano Packaging
-Power Electronics Packaging
-RF and Wireless
-Systems Packaging
-Wafer Level Packaging

Process and Manufacturing

-Electronics Manufacturing
-Green Electronics, Manufacturing, and Packaging


IEEE Japan Council
Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging (JIEP)
Research Committee for 3D Integration by Low-temperature Bonding Technology

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