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Message from the IEEE Kansai Section Chair

It is my great honor to serve as IEEE Kansai section chair for 2 years from 2019. I would like to work hard for making regional activities of this section more active and useful for all members in this region. First of all, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all past chairs, officers and executive committee members for their great volunteer works.

IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, is one of the largest international institute covering electrical and electronics engineering fields. For those who have heard of the name of IEEE, probably technical activities such as the publication of the technical journals and the international conference proceedings, might just come to mind. In addition to the Technical Activities Board supporting such technical activities, the IEEE has Member and Geographic Activities Board to support member services and regional activities. Regional activities organizations include Region 10 in the Asia region and Japan Council that covers the whole of Japan, and our Kansai section is the closest organization to the members in Kansai region.

Formally, IEEE activities in whole Japan was covered by one section, Tokyo section. The IEEE structure in Japan were changed into eight sections in November 1998 with the aim of improving member services. Our Kansai section is one of the eight sections established in 1998 and has been providing wide range of member services, including chapter activities, several awards for encouraging young members, student branch activities and WIE (Women in Engineering) supporting women’s member activities. The number of members in Kansai section has been steadily increasing from about 1,300 in 1998 to currently more than 2,200.

Academic institutes, including IEEE, currently are faced with difficult situations. For example, it is currently a little bit difficult for company researchers to engage in academic activities. Also, due to the wide deployment of SNS, lots of technical information can be obtained without participating in academic activities. However, please be reminded that information obtained in face to face meeting with academic community is actually beneficial for daily activities for both of academia and company researchers. Kansai section is continuing to provide wide range of these communities especially for young researchers.

Seeing is believing! Please join our activities. We, Kansai section staffs, will do our best for providing good services to all members in Kansai region.

Toshiharu Sugie
IEEE Kansai Section Chair

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