The topics of the workshop include, but not limited to, the following

1. Basic technologies for wireless power transfer systems
1-1. Magnetic induction 
1-2. Resonance coupling 
1-3. Microwave transmission 
1-4. Coils, resonators, and antennas 
1-5. Other theoretical or experimental studies 

2. Applications of wireless power transfer technologies
2-1. Home/Industrial-appliances 
2-2. Electric vehicles 
2-3. RF-ID and electronic tags 
2-4. SPS and space/aeronautic applications 
2-5. Other applications 

3. Power sources for wireless power transfer systems
3-1. High-frequency power amplifiers (Class-E, Class-F, etc.) 
3-2. High-efficiency power sources (Switching power supply, Oscillator, etc.) 
3-3. Power devices (GaN, Silicon, Tube, etc.) 

4. Rectifying devices, circuits, and rectennas
4-1. Rectifying devices 
4-2. High-efficiency rectifying circuits 
4-3. Rectennas 

5. Standardization, regulation, and biological effects
5-1. Standardization and regulation including frequency, safety, and emissions limits 
5-2. Biological effects of electromagnetic fields 

6. Energy harvesting and scavenging
6-1. Devices and techniques for energy harvesting and scavenging 
6-2. Applications of energy harvesting and scavenging, such as wireless sensor network 

7. Others
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