IMWS-IWPT2012 Best Paper Award Gold

	"Waveguide-Ring Resonator Coupler with Class-F Rectifier for 2-D Waveguide Power 
	Transmission" (FRI-J-2)
	Akihito Noda and Hiroyuki Shinoda, 
	the University of Tokyo, Japan

Best Paper Award Gold

IMWS-IWPT2012 Best Paper Award Silver

	"Study on Intermittent Microwave Power Transmission to a ZigBee Device" (FRI-G-2)
	Takuya Ichihara, Tomohiko Mitani, and Naoki Shinohara, 
	Kyoto University, Japan

Best Paper Award Silver

IMWS-IWPT2012 Best Paper Award Bronze

	"Multi-Helix Inductor of Wireless Power Transfer System for 3-D Stacked Package" (THU-B-3)
	Eunseok Song, Jonghoon Kim, and Joungho Kim, 
	KAIST, Korea

Best Paper Award Bronze

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