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Software Japan 2009 IT Diversity Forum Program (27 January 2009)

Chair(Coordinator): Doi, Miwako (Toshiba Research and Develop Center, Chief Fellow) IT Diversity Forum
[reported by Emi Yano (WIE Japan Treasurer), translated by Jien Kato (WIE Japan International Liaison)]

Change the World! - Power of Women Scientists and Engineers (20 March 2009)

WIE Japan cooperated with the event for high school girls entitled "Change the World! - Power of Women Scientists and Engineers" which was held on 20 March 2009 at Chuo University.

For more details, read Japanese page and Chuo University Site.

Career Development Workshop for Undergraduate and Graduate Students (20 June 2009)

Building up your skills during student days - For success in society

The workshop was successfully held on Saturday, June 20, 2009 at Kogakuin University. The workshop aims at helping young people to broaden the view on their future paths and relevant skills. The workshop themes include "how to shape my career", "how am I going to find a job after the PhD course", etc. Seven young researchers were invited from industry and government agencies to facilitate group discussions. Seventy seven young people participated and enjoyed the discussion and the party.
Read detailed report in English or in Japanese.

Career Development Essay Contest to Celebrate IEEE's 125th Anniversary

IEEE WIE Japan and IEEE Tokyo GOLD conducted "Career Development Essay Contest" to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of IEEE. Totaly 15 essays were submitted, and WIE-GOLD joint panel selected winners. The winners will receive awards at the Ceremony for IEEE 125th Anniversary on Friday, 23 October 2009.

Ceremony for IEEE 125th Anniversary (23 October 2009)

IEEE 125th Anniversary Ceremony was held on Friday, 23 October 2009 at Level 21, Tokyo. WIE Japan formally received the IEEE WIE Affinity Group of the Year Award at the ceremony.

WIE Forum for Women to Play Active Roles in Local Community (28 October 2009)

IEEE WIE Japan held a forum at Iwate Prefectural University, Iwate, Japan, on Wednesday, 28 October 2009 on the topic "WIE Forum for Women to Play Active Roles in Local Community". The event was held in two parts. The part one was held in Iwate Prefectural University, Takizawa Village, Iwate, with keynote lecture and panel discussion. President of Iwate Prefectural University delivered the inaugural talk. In his talk he emphasized the importance of nurturing energetic female students capable of taking leading role in diverse areas to promote activities in local community. IEEE JC WIE Chair Dr. Hideko Kunii, in her keynote speech titled "The Participation of the Women is the Measure of the Developing Local Community". She pointed out the basic problems women generally face in the workplace and in the society and the measures to be taken for the improvement of work environment. The final program was the panel discussion. Five panelists from different areas took part in the discussion. The topic was "Women participation and progress of the local community". Over 100 people (students, general public and teachers) attended the first part of the forum.
The second part was held in Morioka Metropolitan Hotel. Various women leaders and business women were invited to exchange opinions for improvement and promotion of more women in various areas. Over 40 persons including Vice Governor of Iwate Prefecture, Vice Mayors of Morioka City and Takizawa Village attended the event.
Dr. Kunii's Keynote Speech at Iwate Forum Panel Discussion at Iwate Forum

Second Career Development Workshop for University Students and Young Engineers (28 November 2009)

The 2nd Career Development Workshop for Young Students and Professionals was held in the Tokyo Denki University (Kanda campus) on 28 November 2009.
This workshop is targeted to young students in undergraduate, master and doctoral level in order to help them to think about their career paths as well as the skill sets. Topics include "Thought which can be applied anywhere", "Job hunting activities for Doctoral/foreign students", "Things you should prepare during student life", "What the companies demand from a fresh graduate" are being discussed in the workshop. Through these topics the workshop can help students to think about and prepare their career in advance.
Read detailed report in English or in Japanese.