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2005 Events

Kickoff Meeting

The kickoff meeting was held on 8 July 2005 and officers were elected there.
Read the minutes of the meeting for more detail.
Kickoff Meeting Attendees

Lecture by Dr. Claudia Eckert

In the evening of 15 September 2005 a lecture by Dr. Claudia Eckert, Director of Fraunhofer SIT (Institute for Secure Information Technology) was held at the Centenial Memorial Hall, Tokyo Institute of Technology, as the first public event of WIE Japan. She gave an overview of the situation of woman engineers in Germany in general using actual examples in the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft by showing a lot of statistical data. Her talk was very interesting and informative. She also encouraged woman engineers in Japan. Almost packed audience raised many questions and comments. Discussion continued even after the close of the meeting. Questionnaire survey shows that the lecture was satisfactory and people expect other WIE events.
The lecture was co-sponsored by the IEICE.
The organizing committee thanks Dr. Eckert and all the attendees, both men and women, for their cooperation.
(Reported by Xiaowei Kan and Akinori Nishihara)
Dr. Eckert audience
Dr. Eckert's presentation material is available here. We can lend a CD-ROM of her presentation video.

Lecture by Prof. Janina Mazierska

In the evening of 10 November 2005, a lecture by Prof. Janina Mazierska, Professor and Head of Institute of Information Sciences and Technology, Massey University, New Zealand was held at the Annex Hall Room F203, Pacifico Yokohama, as the second public event of WIE Japan. She gave a talk on `Why I have chosen to study Electronic Engineering - A story of a women Engineer from Warsaw' by revealing on how she got attracted to study in engineering and struggling doing her PhD meanwhile managing her family. Her talk is very attention-grabbing, didactic and encouraging for women in engineering in Japan itself. The room is crowded with audience and a lot of participants asked questions and bestow comments. The discussion was still unrelenting even after the convention is closed. Questionnaires surveys prove that the speech was strongly recommended and the members looking forward to the future WIE events.
The lecture was co-sponsored by IEICE Committee for Promoting Equal Participation of Men and Women.
The organizing committee members thank Prof. Mazierska and all the attendees, both men and women, for their support and cooperation.
(Reported by Michiko Kuroda)
Prof. Mazierska Prof. Mazierska
Prof. Mazierska's presentation material is available here. We can lend a CD-ROM of her presentation video.

Lecture by Ms. Noriko Shiomitsu

In the evening of December 1, 2005, a lecture by Ms. Noriko Shiomitsu, Director of Research Division, Gender Equality Bureau, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan, was held at the Center for the Advancement of Working Women in Tokyo. This lecture was the third public event held by IEEE JC WIE. The title was Gender Equality in the Field of Science and Technology - Activities of the Government. She explained the Science and Technology Basic Plan in plain words. Her lecture was so clear and she described the government plan in detail so that we could easily understand what policies the Japanese government were and will be made to realize a gender equality in science and technology field. She also told us how to appeal our needs to the government to improve our situations surrounding women engineers. Her lecture was very impressive, informative and useful for the audience, and many discussions were made after her talk. (Reported by Masumi Shibata)
Ms. Shiomitsu audience