Prof. Leo Ligthart(Delft University of Technology)講演会

オランダ・デルフト工科大学Prof. Leo Ligthart先生が日本に滞在されます。 この機会を利用して先生の特別講演会を下記の通り開催いたします。みなさま、ふるってご参加ください。
また、同日、同会場にて第21回リモートセンシングフォーラム(参加費1000円)が開催されます。 こちらもぜひご参加ください。本講演会に参加される方もフォーラムへ参加される際には参加費が徴収されます。

2014年2月27日(木) 午後(詳細は現在準備中)
首都大学東京 秋葉原サテライトキャンパス
東京大学大学院 工学系研究科 電気系工学専攻 夏秋 嶺(Secretary)
Research on Multi-Parameter Radar Sensors
Research on radar covers many different subjects in various disciplines. Future radar sensors can do more than just detection and ranging. The common element in radar research is the objective to extract data on objects from the scattered signal and to build systems capable of supporting the theoretical hypotheses and models. In this perspective both the physical effects and the technological opportunities are to be explored. In this presentation the focus is primarily based on personal experiences with topics related to microwave technology applicable in radar systems as well as utilization of these systems in radar remote sensing.
In the field of microwave technology and radar systems major recent developments have been reported concerning multi-parameter radar systems including their components, circuitries, devices and emerging technologies for antennas and RF front-ends. In the technology part of the presentation attention is paid to ‘applied ElectroMagnetics’ for antenna systems in medium- and wide-band radar and to advanced designing, modeling and validation of RF technology for Doppler-polarimetric radar. Utilization of such radar in atmospheric remote sensing and airborne earth observations will demonstrate its potentials in wide range of applications. In the presentation most attention is paid to antennas in radar, RF radar technology and radar sensors.
Prof. Dr. Leo P. Ligthart, FIEEE, FIET,
Em. Professor Delft University of Technology, Visiting Professor Tohoku University ? CNEAS
Doctor of Technology, Delft University of Technology, Thesis(advisor: Prof. Ir L. Krul): "Antenna Design and Characterization based on the Elementary Antenna Concept", December 1985.
Engineers degree Cum Laude (M.Sc.), Delft University of Technology, (advisor: Prof. Dr Ir A.T. de Hoop): "Electromagnetic Reflections from a transparent diffraction grating", June 1969.