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IEEE 118th IEEE Kansai Section Lecture Meeting

IEEE Kansai MDC Special Lecture / The 118th IEEE Kansai Section Technical Lecture Meeting as follows.


講演会テーマ (Title)

Who is making the decisions about our Digital Privacy?

講演者 (Lecturer)

Mr. Christopher Gorog (Chair IEEE Digital Privacy Initiative)

日時 (Time & Date)

2023 年 6 月 7 日(水) 10:00~11:30
June 7th, 2023 (Wednesday) 10:00-11:30 (JST)

場所 (Place)


主催 (Organizer)

IEEE Kansai Section MDB

共催 (Co-sponsored)

IEEE Kansai Section TPC

言語 (Language)

英語 (English)

講演概要 (Abstract)

With the acceleration of digital age services, many of us may have hurried to accept features providing thrilling convenience and luxuries for our daily lives. The scope of data contained within our handheld devices often is assumed to be within our control, but such an assumption may not be reality. In this session we explore several topics around the tenacity of our digital privacy. We will examine some of the rapid evolutions in technology related to how they may impact an individual expectation of digital privacy. In many cases decision regarding privacy is made with unrelative awareness, and by people who may not be qualified to make those decision, nor who are aware of the passing of such a decision point. People who are making organizational decision regarding policies for privacy, those developing security application, or those managing customer facing products will value from this analytical discussion on where, when who is making decisions about aspects of our Digital Privacy.

講演者略歴 (Biography)

Mr. Christopher Gorog:     


CEO BlockFrame Inc, Chair IEEE Digital Privacy Initiative, Chair IEEE Blockchain Initiative Security & Privacy, Published Author, Inventor, Co-Founder of Blockchain Development Community, Founder of International Alliance of Trust Chains, Blockchain SME to the State of Colorado Legislator, the Host of the New Cyber Frontier Podcast, and Research Partner with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Arizona State University, University of Colorado, University of Denver, and Colorado State University. Mr. Gorog is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium and Certified Project Management Professional by the Project Management Institute and has over 25 years in industry designing cryptographic applications for cyber physical embedded systems and has worked to secure supply chains for several leading manufacturers.

He is an ex-Navy Nuclear Engineer, who has also spent several years in Academia as a Director for Cybersecurity programs at Colorado Technical University. He holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, Master of Business Administration, Master of Computer Science in Computer System Security from Colorado Technical University. His PhD work in Cybersecurity Engineering at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, engages several community groups and international organizations in support of research for the State of Colorado to enable security and privacy for government records.

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