IEEE Kansai Section 第105回 技術講演会

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IEEE Kansai Section 第105回 技術講演会のご案内
The 105th IEEE Kansai Section Lecture Meeting

IEEE 関西支部では,会員サービスの一環として,技術講演会を企画・実施しています。 第105回はIEEE前会長Karen Bartleson(カレン・バートルソン)氏をお招きし,下記の とおり開催いたします。

IEEEメンバーに限らず,非会員の方もご参加いただけます。学生やIEEE会員のご家族の方もご参加可能です。 ご周知いただければ幸いです。

IEEE Kansai Section will have the 105th IEEE Kansai Section Lecture Meeting as follows.


講演会テーマ (Title)

"Who You Are and How to Be Your Best"

講演者 (Lecturer)

カレン・バートルソン  前IEEE会長
KAREN BARTLESON, 2017 IEEE President and CEO

講演内容 (Abstract)

本講演で、バートルソン前会長は、我々はIEEEメンバーとしてどうあるべきか、また女性エンジニアはどうあるべきかを語る。 我々のキャリア、人生を通して、我々を助ける10の現実的スキルについて語る。

In this talk, Karen will talk about IEEE and who we are as members and Women in Engineering. She will also present ten practical skills - such as how to take a risk and how to manage time - that can help women (and men) throughout our careers and lives.

日時 (Time & Date)

2018年11月12日(月) 15:00-17:00
Monday, November 12, 2018, 15:00-17:00

場所 (Place)



主催 (Organizer)

IEEE Kansai Section
IEEE Kansai Section Women In Engineering Affinity Group
Osaka Institute of Technology, OIT

言語 (Language)

英語 (English)

プログラム (Program)

IEEE Kansai Section Chair挨拶

講演「Who You are and How to Be Your Best」

講演者略歴 (Biography)

Karen Bartleson(カレン バートルセン)

バートルソン氏は、35年に渡り半導体業界に身を置き、オートメーションの電子デザイン会社であるシノプシス (Synopsys)の上級ディレクタを先ごろ退いた。2013年から2014年、IEEE標準化委員会(Standard Association)会長、兼、IEEEボード ディレクタ、 2016年アメリカ 合衆国商務省(US Department of Commerce)デジタル経済委員会アドバイザに就任、2017年IEEE会長(President and CEO)。 著作には、効果的な標準化についての “The Ten Commandments for Effective Standards: Practical Insights for Creating Technical Standards” (Synopsys Press, 2010)がある。

Karen Bartleson has over 35 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, specifically in electronic design automation. Karen retired as Senior Director of Corporate Programs and Initiatives at Synopsys, an electronic design automation company, where her responsibilities included creating programs for technical standards development, software tool interoperability, and creating and maintaining strong relationships with universities and research institutions worldwide. Prior to Synopsys, Karen brought her exceptional professional and leadership skills to bear at United Technologies Microelectronics Center and Texas Instruments.

Karen was President of the IEEE Standards Association in 2013 and 2014. During her tenure, she led the development of a new strategic plan, furthered the principles of the OpenStand market-driven standardization paradigm, and finalized IEEE’s membership in the Global Standards Collaboration.

As a member of and leader within the IEEE Board of Directors in 2013 and 2014, she chaired and led the development of the strategic plan for the IEEE Internet Initiative Committee, whose charter is to raise IEEE’s influence and profile in the areas of Internet governance, cyber-security, and cyber-privacy policy development. She was also a member of the IEEE Strategy Committee, overseeing the development of the role of IEEE in global public policy.

In 2016, Karen was also appointed to the new U.S. Department of Commerce Digital Economy Board of Advisors. Bartleson, an IEEE senior member, and 16 other leaders from the fields of banking, economics, law, and technology are tasked with recommending ways to advance economic growth and job opportunities in the digital age.

Karen has published numerous articles about standards and universities and has authored the book “The Ten Commandments for Effective Standards: Practical Insights for Creating Technical Standards” (Synopsys Press, 2010). In 2003, she received the Marie R. Pistilli Women in Electronic Design Automation Achievement Award. She earned a B.S. in Engineering Science with a concentration in Electronic Engineering from California Polytechnic State University in 1980.

参加費 (Fee)

無料 (Free)

参加申込み先 (Contact for registration)

IEEE関西支部 テクニカルプログラムコミッティ(※三菱電機株式会社内)
Tel: (06) 6497 7222
E-mail: ieee-kansai-tpcアット  (アットを@に変換し,送信してください。)

参加ご希望の方は10月 31日 (火)までに,Emailにて以下をお知らせください。

  • ご所属(勤務先等、退職者は元の勤務先)
  • お名前 (ふりがな)
  • IEEE 会員番号 (会員の場合)
  • Please register in advance by E-mail with the information of IEEE member ID (if you have), your name, and affiliation, by October 31, 2018 (Tuesday).

本件連絡先 (For further information)

IEEE Kansai Section Technical Program Committee Chair
田邉信二 (三菱電機株式会社)
Tanabe.Shinjiアット (アットを@に変換し,送信してください。)


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