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IEEE Kansai Section第72回技術講演会のご案内
The 72nd IEEE Kansai Section Lecture Meeting

第72回は,Mr. Deepak Mathur (IEEE Region 10 Humanitarian Technology Coordinator) のご来京に合わせて,下記のとおりに開催致します。


IEEE Kansai Section will have the 72nd IEEE Kansai Section Lecture Meeting as follows.



Humanitarian Technology※

※IEEEでは, `Humanity のための技術の発展' に焦点を当て, Section における Humanitarian Technology 活動, および `Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT)' の立上げを奨励をして います.(講演概要より抜粋)


Mr. Deepak Mathur  (IEEE Region 10 Humanitarian Technology Coordinator)

日時(Time & Date)

2012年8月2日(木) 13:00~14:00
Thursday, August 2, 2012 13:00~14:00






IEEE student branch at Kyoto University




本講演会は,ご講演者のDeepak Mathur氏の来京に合わせて関西支部をご訪問頂く 行事の一環として行われるものです。通常の技術講演会とやや色彩の異なるものですが,IEEEのRegion 10 Humanitarian Technology Coordinatorのお話を直接伺うことのできる貴重な機会でありますので,講演会としてご案内をさしあげるものです。

本講演会は事前登録制となっております。参加予定の方は,早めに 本メール末の参加申し込み先にご連絡ください。


   講演「Member engagement through IEEE Humanitarian Technology Activities」
      Mr. Deepak Mathur
      (IEEE Region 10 Humanitarian Technology Coordinator)


"Member engagement through IEEE Humanitarian Technology Activities"

IEEE is encouraging Humanitarian Technology activities in the sections for the benefit of underserved. There is focus on 'Advancing Technology for Humanity'. IEEE also encourages to form a ‘Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology’ (SIGHT) in the sections and to take up Humanitarian Technology activities. Many sections are showing lots of interest in addressing this humanitarian mission of IEEE and coming forward to forming SIGHT.
The talk is focused on IEEE Humanitarian Technology Activities and IEEE Region10’s endeavor to do this activity in its sections. It will be also discussed how SIGHT can be formed to carry out HT activities in more organized way so that benefit of technology reaches to underserved population.


Deepak Mathur is a long-time active IEEE volunteer and works with premier public sector company of India. He works with Infocom Serivices dept of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd., India and currently holds the position of Chief Engineer and has experience of handling several IT projects. Deepak, who works at senior middle management level of the company, leads a team of IT professionals.
Deepak earned a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee and also holds an MBA.
Deepak has served at various volunteer positions in IEEE at the Section, Council and Region level. He was Chair of Gujarat Section (2006-07) and is currently a member of Region10 EXCOM (Region10 Humanitarian Technology Activities Coordinator). He has played a crucial and important role in reviving the SSIT electronic newsletter. He currently serves as Editor of the SSIT Newsletter.
Deepak is a recipient of `2008 Region10 Outstanding Volunteer Award' and `2010 IEEE MGA Achievement Award'.
Deepak believes that in view of the growth of technology and its growing application in our daily life, IEEE plays a very important and significant role in the society also. IEEE needs to focus more on humanitarian technology and social implications of technology aspect through its program. He believes that if more engineers start looking at social aspects of technology, many problems arising from excessive use and/or mis-use of technologies could be addressed and technology could be used for improving the life of under privileged population.

・IEEE Activities

R10 EXCOM Member
2012: R10 Humanitarian Technology Activities Coordinator
2011: R10 Coordinator for SC2011 and R10 Vice Chair Technical Activities
2009-10: R10 Chapter Coordinator
2008: R10 Coordinator for SC2008

2010-12: Gujarat Section EXCOM member
2008-09: Chair Gujarat Section SMC Chapter
2006-07: Chair Gujarat Section
2005: Vice Chair/Treasurer Gujarat Section
2003-04: Secretary Gujarat Section
1998-2002: EXCOM Member Gujarat Section

2011-12: Ombudsman India Council
2009-10: Coordinator Technical Activities India Council

SSIT e-Newsletter Editor

Initiative leader IEEE NIC Project - Conference Presentations Online - completed in 2008
Recipient of 2008 R10 Outstanding Volunteer Award
Recipient of 2010 MGA Achievement Award

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