IEEE Kansai Section第43回技術講演会

IEEE Kansai Section第43回技術講演会
The 43rd IEEE Kansai Section Lecture Meeting

第43回は,LSC Group(UK)のTimothy M. KING 博士の講演会を兵庫県立大学殿のご協力を得,下記のとおりに開催致します.


IEEE Kansai Section will have the 43rd IEEE Kansai Section Lecture Meeting as follows.



An Industrial Perspective on Fourteen Fundamental Challenges of Enterprise Integration


Dr. Timothy M. KING               IEEE Executive Consultant, LSC Group(UK)

日時(Time & Date)

Thursday, June 28, 2007, 16:00~17:30




英語(English), 質疑など,部分的に日本語も可能


Information systems offer the prospect of enterprise integration across the physical aspects of time and space that have been a traditional barrier to the structuring of industrial activity. However, fourteen key challenges exist:
1. Information is a strategic through-life asset.
2. How to exploit information?
3. The enterprise is not a single organization.
4. The requirement for common, reusable terminology.
5. Legacy applications embed business processes.
6. The problem is not necessarily piled high and deep.
7. Where is the business case?
8. Holistic aspirations require breadth of vision.
9. Implementation can not be "big bang".
10. Enterprise integration is a systems engineering project.
11. Requirements engineering is the key.
12. Resistance is accidental as well as futile.
13. Garbage in, garbage out.
14. Information & data quality as a focus.
Practical experience with various large organizations in the UK and beyond suggests that these challenges are not insurmountable.


Timothy King graduated in 1990 and obtained his PhD in 1994. Both degrees are in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College, London. Since 1986, he has been interested in the exploitation of computer technology to support the engineering process. He gained initial industrial experience with IBM and Ford. He worked at the Japanese National Research Institute for Metals (NRIM) from 1994 to 1996 and Kochi University of Technology (KUT) from 1997 to 1998. Since 1998, he has worked as a consultant for LSC Group in the UK, specializing in enterprise integration and information and knowledge management. He has worked on projects with major engineering companies such as Shell, Rolls-Royce, Thales and BAE Systems and alongside major IT suppliers such as IBM, EDS and Oracle. He is active in the development of International Standards, including ISO 10303 (STEP) and ISO 13584 (PLIB). He is Head of the UK Delegation to ISO/TC184/SC4 (Industrial Data) and Convener of ISO/TC184/SC4/WG13 (Industrial Data Quality). In the latter role he is responsible for the activity to develop the recently proposed ISO 8000 to provide a similar capability to ISO 9000 but addressing the specific issue of information and data quality. Dr. King is a Chartered Engineer (Institution of Mechanical Engineers) and Chartered Information Technology Professional (British Computer Society)

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