IEEE Kansai Section第42回技術講演会

IEEE Kansai Section第42回技術講演会
The 42nd IEEE Kansai Section Lecture Meeting

第42回は,IEEE Region 8 News Editor,Roland John Saam 氏の講演会を兵庫県立大学殿のご協力を得,下記のとおりに開催致します.


IEEE Kansai Section will have the 42nd IEEE Kansai Section Lecture Meeting as follows.



"Pocket Computers - the history of wonderful product design"


Mr. Roland John Saam               IEEE Region 8 News Editor

日時(Time & Date)

2007年4月13日(金) 14:00~15:30
Friday, April 13,2007,14:00~15:30






I would like to tell the story about :
1. The opening of new markets for programmable calculators and pocket computers (1970's evolution from engineering applications on HP, TI,etc.)
2. The customer's view - "How Japanese companies like Sharp, Casio, Canon marketed their products in United Kingdom" (1980-1990)
3. The developer's view - "How brilliant engineering and product design were foundation for new, reliable applications to support financial and engineering work"
4. The general public acceptance of portable computer. "Learning packages - BASIC language applied" (Books & Training materials commissioned by Sharp & Casio in USA (Mort Rosenstein) in France, in Germany, in UK (Saam), in Australia (Perth- Neil Hancock)
5. International cooperation - The importance of Secondary Import/export Trade between countries. Development and exchange of Technical Data, Specifications, ROM codes, Compilers, Debuggers. (Bill Symmes- PROM in USA etc.)
6. Failures - as seen from the marketplace - manufacturers' inability to meet demand; wrong pricing.
7. Success - Is the Sharp PC-1270 the most successful computer of its kind? Simple design, easy to use, excellent software, reliable, low-cost, adapt to many applications, easy to repair, long-life. Why was it discontinued after 15 years of manufacture?
8. Why the modern PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) is not a replacement for the pocket computer. (COmplexity, short battery life, high cost)
For my talk I would select one or more from the above topics.


Roland J. Saam graduated 1961 from Manhattan College with degree Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, and in 1968 from Columbia University in the City of New York with degree of Master of Science in Industrial and Management Engineering. He joined International Business Machines Corp. in 1961 working in New York until 1968, then IBM World Trade Corp., London England until 1970. He joined Peat Marwick Mitchell Management Consulting Firm in London in 1971, engaged in management consulting and project management. From 1973-78 at Sperry Rand Corp. he initiated and ran European computer audit function at Sperry, New Holland, Vickers Hydraulics and Univac factories and marketing offices. From 1978-81 at Gulf Oil Corporation European HQ he led a project to change central computer accounting to compatible independent accounting systems in seven countries. Roland and his wife Sheila incorporated Micros For Managers Ltd., London,in 1981, developing and selling portable and pocket computer systems,from which they retired in 2000 Roland joined the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) while a student and was transferred to Member grade in 1962. During his career he often volunteered for IEEE activity, was elected chairman of United Kingdom Republic of Ireland Section 1988-91, and also 1999-2000. He started the IEEE UK&RI Computer Society chapter in 1985; and the IEEE UK&RI Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society Chapter in 1995. In 2002 he was appointed Editor of IEEE Region 8 News - publishing, four times per year, twelve page editions of IEEE members'activities which is mailed to every IEEE member in Region 8 (55,000 in 2005) From 2002-2005 Roland Saam served on the IEEE History Committee as chairman of the IEEE Milestones Program; also member-at-large of IEEE Publications Services and Products Board. His interest in history of engineering continues with participation on several history conference committees 2003-5. He initiated the IEEE UKRI Oral Histories program 2004; the IEEE Region 8 History Advisory Council 2006; IEEE UKRI Life Members Affinity Group 2006. Roland Saam was elected Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in October 1982, having served as Chairman of Central London Branch and as an elected member of CIMA Council

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