IEEE Kansai Section第40回技術講演会

IEEE Kansai Section第40回技術講演会
The 40th IEEE Kansai Section Lecture Meeting

下記の通り、第40回講演会は、MIT の Marvin Minsky 教授をお招きし、NTTコミュニケーション科学基礎研究所殿(共催)、名古屋大学情報系COE「社会情報基盤のための音声・映像の知的統合」(協賛)のご協力を得て、開催致します。Minsky教授は、人工知能研究の第一人者で、「人工知能の父」と称されています。


IEEE Kansai Section will have the 40th IEEE Kansai Section Lecture Meeting as follows. Anyone can attend it even if you are not a member.



"Commonsense Thinking"


Prof. Marvin Minsky

日時(Time & Date)

Tuesday, December 5, 2006, 14:15~15:35


NTT Communication Science Laboratories
NTT Keihanna building
NTT京阪奈ビル3階 大会議室
     〒619-0237 京都府相楽郡精華町光台2-4
       祝園駅発(光台二丁目下車:47番, 約15分): 13:20,13:50
         学研奈良登美ヶ丘駅発(光台二丁目下車:47番,約9分):13:36, 14:06




Some computer programs are expert at some games. Other programs can recognize some words. Yet other programs are highly competent at solving certain technical problems. However, each of those programs is specialized, and no existing program today shows the common sense or resourcefulness of a typical two-year-old child-and certainly, no program can yet understand a typical sentence from a child's first-grade storybook. Nor can any program today can look around a room and then identify the things that meet its eyes. This lecture will suggest some ideas about why computer programs are still so limited. Some thinkers might say that this is because computers have no consciousness, and that nothing can be done about this, because it is in the nature of machines to only what they are programmed to do-and therefore they cannot be programmed to 'think'.


Marvin Minsky was born in 1927 in New York City. He is often identified as the "Father of AI," one of the founders of the field of Artificial Intelligence. He holds a BA in Mathematics from Harvard University (1950) and a PhD, also in mathematics, from Princeton University (1954). Since 1958 he has been on the faculty at MIT, where he led the AI group for many years, and later co-founded the MIT AI Lab, which he directed from 1970 to 1972. He is currently Toshiba Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, and Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. His many awards include the ACM Turing Award in 1969 and the Japan Prize in 1990. He is a past president of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence and a fellow of the IEEE. Professor Minsky, together with Seymour Papert, published the influential book "Perceptrons", a foundational work in the analysis of artificial neural networks. He also published the well-known book, "The Society of Mind", which tries to explain how the human mind really works in plain words. His new book "The Emotion Machine" has just been published.

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