IEEE Kansai Section第7回技術講演会

IEEE Kansai Section第7回技術講演会



``Intentional Dynamics: Ecological Foundations of Intentional Systems
(意図のダイナミクス - 目標に向かう行動を扱えるシステム理論)''


Prof. Robert E. Shaw (Center for the Ecological Study of Perception and Action, the University of Connecticut)

日時(Time & Date)

2000年8月28日(月) 13:30~15:30


ATR 地下大会議室(Conference Room)
〒619-0288 京都府相楽郡精華町光台 2-2-2


Cognition means different things to different psychologists depending on the position held on the mind-matter problem. Ecological psychologists reject the implied mind-matter dualism as an ill-posed theoretic problem because the assumed mind-matter incommensurability precludes a solution to the degrees of freedom problem. This fundamental problem was posed by both Nicolai Bernstein and James J. Gibson independently. It replaces mind-matter dualism with animal-environment duality(isomorphism) - a better posed scientific problem because commensurability is assured. Furthermore, when properly posed this way, a conservation law is suggested that encompasses a psychology of transactional systems, a biology of self-actional systems, and a physics of interactional systems. For such a solution, a theory of cognition for goal-directed behaviour (e.g., choosing goals, authoring intentions, using information, and controlling actions) is needed. In this talk, a sketch is supplied for how such a theory might be pursued in the spirit of the new physics of evolving complex systems.


ボブ・ショウ教授はジェームス・ギブソンの最初の弟子で,生涯にわたる同僚です.アフォーダンス理論を意図を実現する知覚-行為循環を扱う理論としてどのように精緻に定式化できるか? 意図的なエージェントの振る舞いを記述する生態学的物理学-インテンショナル・ダイナミクス-を提唱するボブ・ショウ教授は現在のところもっとも厳密な生態心理学の基礎理論を提出しています.
Robert E. Shaw is Professor in Center for the Ecological Study of Perception and Action at the University of Connecticut. In 1985-1995, he was also a head of the Division of Experimental Psychology, Department of Psychology at the University of Connecticut.

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