IMWS-IWPT2011 Best Paper Awards

	Award Committee selected three papers for "BEST PAPER AWARDs"
	based on the review results by TPC members.

IMWS-IWPT2011 Best Paper Award Gold

	"Efficiency of magnetic resonance WPT with two off-axis self-resonators" (IWPT6-4)
	Jin-Wook Kim, Hyeon-Chang Son, Do-Hyeon Kim, Kwan-Ho Kim, and Young-Jin Park, 
	University of Science & Technology (UST), Korea, 
	Korea Electotechnology Research Institute (KERI), Korea

IMWS-IWPT2011 Best Paper Award Silver

	"Wireless Power Transmission System by Tightly Coupled Microstrip Line Overlay 
	Resonators" (IWPT4-1)
	Hiroyuki Arai and Naoki Yoneyama, 
	Yokohama National University, Japan

IMWS-IWPT2011 Best Paper Award Bronze

	"Interaction between Shock Wave and Plasma Region Ionized by Millimeter Wave Beam 
	and Its Application to Pulse Detonation System as a Microwave Rocket" (IWPT10-3)
	Toshikazu Yamaguchi1, Reiji Komatsu1, Kimiya Komurasaki1, Yasuhisa Oda2, Ken Kajiwara2, 
	Koji Takahashi2, and Keishi Sakamoto2, 
	1The University of Tokyo, Japan, 2Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan

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