"Preserving, Explaining, and Making Known the History of Technology:
An Update on IEEE’s Initiatives"

最終更新日 2010年7月23日

日時 : 2010年8月24日(火)  15時00分〜16時30分 (14時30分より受付)
会場 : 東京国際フォーラム G棟4階 G410

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"Preserving, Explaining, and Making Known the History of Technology:
An Update on IEEE’s Initiatives"
IEEE History Center Outreach Historian

講演会概要 : Starting in the 19th century, electrical, electronics and information technologies have radically transformed societies around the world and dramatically improved the material well-being for so many people. Innovation in these technologies continues to hold the key to future prosperity. IEEE has been committed to preserving, explaining, making known to the largest possible audience the rich history of the entire spectrum of these technologies on which the world’s material progress so depends. This history also includes the stories of the people and the institutions that made innovation happen.
Through the leadership of the History Committee and the professional staff at History Center, IEEE has launched a number of initiatives to promote a greater public awareness and understanding of the central role of engineering in the history of human development. A key feature of these initiatives is the prominent role assigned to IEEE members. The memories and experiences of IEEE members are the single richest source of information for documenting the story of innovation.
This presentation will give an overview of IEEE’s history programs and initiatives such as the Milestones, STARS, Oral Histories, First-Hand Histories, and institutional memories of IEEE Societies, Chapters, Regions and Sections. The platform for all these activities is the newly developed IEEE Global History Network (GHN). This presentation will also outline the features of the GHN and suggest ways that IEEE members can use the GHN to help us advance the world’s understanding of the great historic role that engineering has played in society.
講演者略歴 : John Vardalas has graduate degrees in Mathematical Physics, Economic Geography, and History. He is currently the Outreach Historian at the IEEE History Center. He led the team that developed the IEEE Global History Network. He has published books related to the history of electrical manufacturing and the history of the computer industry. Earlier in his career, he worked in AI and even did come consulting for Japanese firms. He has taught, and continues to teach, courses in the history of technology at Rutgers University. Combining his love of sailing with his passion for history, John Vardalas also has developed a course on the role of the sea in the history of technology.
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