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(Update: 2005/10/23)


  1. IEEE Asian Reliability Conference 2005
    IEEE Reliability Society, Japan Chapter
    IEEE Reliability Society
    Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, Engineering Science Society
    Reliability Engineering Association of Japan
    The Japanese Society for Quality Control
    November 19, 2005
    Invited Talks@in the morning
    Tutorials and Information Exchange Meeting in the afternoon
    University of Electro-Communications, Building-W5
    location(29th building)
    registration fee (all day) 15,000 yen (included Information Exchange Meeting)
    registration fee (tutorial only ) 10,000 yen (included Information Exchange Meeting)
    student fee 5,000 yen (Student ID card is necessary.)
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    Morning 9:00-12:30
    Session A: Principles of Reliability
    Jeffrey Voas
    In today's world, where does "reliability" fit?
    John Viega
    Software Security: why it's important, and what to do about it
    Akihiko Masuda
    A New Approach on Service Reliability - Its Concepts and Analytical Tools -
    Session B: Reliability for Human and Complex Systems
    Bret Michael
    Environment Behavior Models for Automation of Testing and Assessment of System Safety
    Toshiyuki Inagaki
    Risk-based design of human interactions with smart machines
    Kazuyuki Suzuki
    Optimal Decision Procedure for Safety Monitoring Systems
    Session C: Reliability Modeling
    Richard Doyle
    MEMS Reliability - Mechanical Stress Analysis
    Sam Keene
    Reliability prediction technology and perspective
    Koichi Suyama
    Probabilistic safety assessment of control logic
    Afternoon 13:30-17:00
    Tutorial A
    Jeffrey Voas
    Software fault injection and its relationship to software testing
    Tutorial B
    Sam Keene
    Six Sigma contributions to reliability
    Tutorial C
    Richard Doyle
    Thermal Analysis of Electronic Systems and Parts
    Tutorial D
    Bret Micheal
    Software-Based Safety Kernels for Hybrid Systems
    John Viega
    Common Misconceptions about Cryptography
    Information Exchange Meeting 18:00-19:30
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