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IEEE EMC Society Japan Chapterでは、来る529日(火)に、下記のとおり特別講演会を開催致します。皆様、奮ってご出席の程よろしくお願いいたします。         敬具



 目:The Evolution of Complex Cavity Measurement Techniques from 
Precision Metrology Applications to Aircraft Electromagnetic Environment Assessments

師:Dennis Lewis, Associate Technical Fellow - RF / Microwave and Antenna Metrology, The Boeing company, USA

Kenneth Kirchoff, 787 Cabin Systems R&D Engineer, The Boeing company, USA




Electromagnetic reverberation chambers have been used for many years by the EMC community to measure the susceptibility and emissions for various electronic components and systems. This presentation describes how these EMC tools were adapted as a metrology tool to generate precision electromagnetic fields used for field probe calibrations. The presentation also goes on to explain how these techniques were later applied to aircraft measurements to assess the aircraft electromagnetic environment, including wireless propagation and aircraft fuselage attenuation. Utilizing a precision network analyzer along with fiber optic port extenders, measurements of RF propagation from sources as varied as point source antennas to leaky coaxial antennas were obtained. These assessments are essential in the design and implementation of wireless systems on-board aircraft as well as ensuring aircraft system tolerance to Portable Electronic Devices (PED).



Metrology Application of Reverberation Chambers
    Probe calibration
    Antenna efficiency
Measurement Advances
    Precision Network Analyzer
    Fiber Optic Port Extenders
    Discrete Frequency Stirring
Aircraft Measurement Applications
    MIMO wireless propagation
    Aircraft shielding
    Leaky feeder antenna performance
    Portable Electronic Devices and aircraft antenna coupling



日 時2012年(平成24年)529日(火) 13:3017:00


*講演後、大型電波暗室、Reverberation Chamber等の施設見学および懇親会


- Time Schedule

 29th May, 2012,

  13:30-15:50 Lecture Presentation (including Q&A)

                     Coffee Break

  16:00-17:00 Tour of EMC site and Reverberation Chamber in NICT

  17:00-         Networking (Reception)

会 場:情報通信研究機構(NICT

主 催:IEEE EMC Society Japan Chapter

 催:IEEE EMC Society Sendai Chapter



申込先NTT環境エネルギー研究所 第一推進プロジェクト

     田中裕子 tanaka.yuko (アトマークは半角でご使用ください。)

お問合せ:田島公博(IEEE EMC-S JC Secretarytajima.kimihiro








IEEE EMC Society Japan Chapter特別講演会5/29




・施設見学会  出席/欠席 (該当する方を残してください)

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*同じ内容でIEEE EMC Society Sendai Chapterでの開催もございます。

日 時 2012年(平成24年)528日(月) 13:0016:00
会 場:東北大学 サイバーサイエンスセンター 講義室(5階)

主 催:IEEE EMC Society Sendai Chapter

 催:IEEE EMC Society Japan Chapter, 東北大学EMC仙台ゼミナール