G-COE PICE International Symposium and IEEE EDS Minicolloquium on Advanced Hybrid Nano Devices: Prospects by Worldfs Leading Scientists

October 4-5, 2011, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Sponsored by Global COE Program gPhotonics Integration-Core Electronicsh, Quantum Nanoelectronics Research Center, Frontier Research Center, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Co-sponsored by FP7 NEMSIC Project and IEEE EDS Japan Chapter


Tak H. Ning (IBM) gOn SOI CMOS as Technology Platform for SoC and Hybrid Device and Function Integrationh

Akira Nishiyama (Toshiba) gNew channel engineering for the low power CMOS technologyh

Carlos Diaz (TSMC) gPower-constrained era -- implications on Logic Technologies"

Dim-Lee Kwong (IME, Singapore) gBringing the Benefits of Moore's Law to Medicineh

Simon Deleonibus (LETI, France) gChallenges and Opportunities of Technologies and Components for Diversified Future Silicon Platformsh

Cor Claeys (IMEC) gNanoelectronics as Innovation Driver for a Green Sustainable Worldh

Hiromichi Ohashi (AIST) gRole of Nano-technology for Integrated Power Electronics Systemh

Hitoshi Wakabayashi (Sony) gCMOS-Device Technology Benchmarks for Low-Power Logic LSIsh

Ken Uchida (Tokyo Tech.) gCarrier mobility in heavily-doped nanoscale SOI filmsh

Hiroshi Iwai (Tokyo Tech.) gMiniaturization and future prospects of Si devicesh

Hiroyuki Fujita (U. Tokyo) gMEMS Integration with CMOS and Beyondh

Joost Van Beek (NXP) gSensors and actuators at NXP: bringing more than Moore to CMOSh

Kazuya Masu (Tokyo Tech.) gChallenges of Heterogeneous Integration on CMOSh

William I. Milne (Cambridge Univ) gZnO Based SAW and FBAR devices for Lab-on-a chip Applicationsh

Shunri Oda (Tokyo Tech.) gNeoSilicon based nanoelectromechanical information devicesh

Adrian Ionescu (EPFL) gOverview of NEMSIC project: low power integrated sensing with Nano-Electro-Mechanical structuresh

Hiroshi Mizuta (Southampton) gSilicon nanowires for advanced sensing: Electrical and electromechanical characteristics and functionalisation technologyh

Julia Pettine (IMEC-NL) gCircuit design for NEMS/MEMS resonator gas sensorsh

Sorin Cotofana (Delft) "Advanced NEMFET-based Power Management for Deep Sub-Micron Integrated Circuits"

Daniel Bertrand (HIQSCREEN) gFrom biology to NEMS: the importance of new sensor developmentsh

Eric Ollier (CEA-LETI) gFrom NEMS to Nanowires and their Front-End co-integration with CMOS for enhanced sensing performancesh

Cornel Cobianu (Honeywell, Romania) gA possible roadmap for NEMS sensorsh

Adrian Ionescu (EPFL) gGuardian Angels for a Smarter life -- 1 Billion Euros for Zero Powerh