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IEEE Consumer Technology Society East Joint Japan Chapterでは日本国内で他学会と共催して研究会を開催しているほか、

毎年米国で開催されるIEEE ICCE(International Conference on Consumer Electronics)をサポートし、ICCEで優秀な論文を





IEEE ICCE2021 Young Scientist Paper Award 受賞者講演会


主催: IEEE Consumer Technology Society (CT-08), East Joint Japan Chapter
協賛:一般社団法人 映像情報メディア学会 メディア工学研究委員会

日時: 2021 3 20 ・祝)13:00 15:00(終了時刻は込みです) 

会場: Zoom にて開催 (以下のリンクから接続ください)  
ミーティングID: 993 1554 4303
パスコード: bGa31b
参加費: 無料


若泉 朋弥 (早稲⽥⼤学)
An Indoor Positioning Method Using Smartphone and Smartwatch Independent of Carrying Modes

酒井 恵梨 (名城学)
Virtual Personal Area Network System for Integrating PANs with Different Standards and Locations

 智美 (早稲⽥⼤学)
Deep Learning-Based R-R Interval Estimation by Using Smartphone Sensors During Exercise


IEEE CT East Joint Japan Chapter ICCE Young Scientist Paper Award

 IEEE Consumer Technology Society East Joint Japan Chapterが主催している取り組みです。


IEEE CT East Joint Japan Chapter ICCE Young Scientist Paper Award」とは


IEEE日本支部が費用を拠出し、CT East Joint Japan Chapterが授与します。




【選考】 ICCE国内プログラム委員会にて選出

【人数】 4名以内(毎年)

【賞品】 賞状、および渡航費補助として賞金1万円(2013年より変更)





 2021年のIEEE CT East Joint Japan Chapter ICCE Young Scientist Paper Award受賞者の選定会議を開催しました。







若泉 朋弥(早稲田大学)Tomoya Wakaizumi

Co-author: Nozomu Togawa

  An Indoor Positioning Method Using Smartphone and Smartwatch Independent of Carrying Modes


酒井 恵梨香(名城大学)Erika Sakai

Co-author: Noriki Ikeuchi and Hidekazu Suzuki

Virtual Personal Area Network System for Integrating PANs with Different Standards and Locations


スーツ が含まれている画像


白崎 智美(早稲田大学)Satomi Shirasaki

Co-author: Kenji Kanai and Jiro Katto

Deep Learning-Based R-R Interval Estimation by Using Smartphone Sensors During Exercise




越後 裕貴(大分大学)Yuki Echigo

Co-author: Satoshi Ohtake

 Vibration Measurement of Signal Bonds for Shinkansen

IEEE CE East Joint Japan Chapter ICCE Young Scientist Paper Award




Tanasan Srikotr(芝浦工業大学)Tanasan Srikotr

Co-author: Kazunori Mano

  The Multilayer Perceptron Vector Quantized Variational AutoEncoder for Spectral Envelope Quantization


瀬尾  昌孝〈立命館大学)Masataka Seo

Co-author: Toshihiro Kitajima and Yen-Wei Chen

High-Resolution Gaze-Corrected Image Generation Based on Combined Conditional GAN and Residual Dense Network


長谷川 悠貴(立命館大学)Yuki Hasegawa

Co-author: Hiroshi Yamamoto

Highly Reliable IoT Data Management Platform Using Blockchain and Transaction Data Analysis


山本 大斗(東京理科大学)Hiroto Yamamoto

Co-author: Akira Nakamura and Makoto Itami

 A Study on Frequency Diversity Using Lower Layer of LDM-BST-OFDM Transmission Scheme



米津 翔平(立命館大学)Shohei Yonetsu

Co-author: Yutaro Iwamoto and Yen-Wei Chen

  Two-Stage YOLOv2 for Accurate License-Plate Detection in Complex Scenes


神谷 吉彦(東京大学)Yoshihiko Kamiya

Co-author: Yanlei Gu and Shunsuke Kamijo

Indoor Positioning in Large Shopping Mall with Context Based Map Matching


田中 久順(名城大学)Hisayoshi Tanaka

Co-author: Hidekazu Suzuki, Katsuhiro Naito and Akira Watanabe

Implementation of Secure End-to-End Remote Control System for Smart Home Appliances on Android


荒井 大河(筑波大学)Taiga Arai

Co-author: Takahiro Yoshizawa, Takuya Aoki, Keiichi Zempo and Yukihiko Okada

 Evaluation of Indoor Positioning System Based on Attachable Infrared Beacons in Metal Shelf Environment


李 淳雨(東京工業大学)Chunyu Li

Co-author: Akihiko Torii and Masatoshi Okutomi

  Robust, Precise, and Calibration-Free Shape Acquisition with an Off-the-Shelf Camera and Projector


本間 詳和(成蹊大学)Yoshikazu Honma

Co-author: Naoyuki Awano and Kenji Sugiyama

Frame Sequential Video System with Complementary Pastel Color and Its Conversion

高田 祐樹(東京大学)Yuki Takada

Co-author: Naoto Inoue, Toshihiko Yamasaki and Kiyoharu Aizawa

 “Similar Floor Plan Retrieval Featuring Multi-Task Learning of Layout Type Classification and Room Presence Prediction

李 印豪(立命館大学)Yinhao Li

Co-author: Yutaro Iwamoto, Katsuhisa Ogawa and Yen-Wei Chen

 Multi-Frame Super Resolution Using Frame Selection and Multiple Fusion for 250 Million Pixel Images



大坪 弘明 (東京理科大学)HIROAKI OTSUBO

Co-author: Akira NAKAMURA and Makoto ITAMI

“Improving Performance of Dual-Polarized MIMO Ultra-Multilevel OFDM Under Mobile Reception”

古屋 佑樹 法政大学YUKI FURUYA

Co-author: Masayoshi TAKAHASHI, Satoshi SAIKATSU, Michitaka YOSHINO, and Akira YASUDA

“Speaker System with 100-W High Output Power and 0.17% THD Using 9-V Power Supply with Digitally Direct-Driven Technique”

梅山 莉奈(名城大学)RINA UMEYAMA

Co-author: Hidekazu SUZUKI

iHAC: Smart Appliance Controller Using AR Technology”

岡田真美(名城大学)MAMI OKADA

Co-author: Hidekazu SUZUKI

Implementation of Seamless Connection System for Bluetooth Low Energy Devices in Remote Locations”





Co-author: Tian SONG, Wen SHI, and Takashi SHIMAMOTO

“Low-Complexity Intra Coding Algorithm in Enhancement Layer for SHVC”

阿部 恵里花 京都大学Erika Abe

Co-author: Hiroshi CHIGIRA, Koichi FUJIWARA, Toshitaka YAMAKAWA, and Manabu KANO

“Development of Photoplethysmogram Sensor-embedded Video Game Controller”


Co-author: Takashi INUI, Lei LIN, and Masahiro FUKUI

Development and Evaluation of a Photovoltaic Emulation System”

Mohd Anuaruddin Bin Ahmadon(山口大学)MOHD ANUARUDDIN BIN AHMADON

Co-author: Shingo YAMAGUCHI

On Service Personalization Analysis for the Interest of Me Based on PN2”



安井 宏友 (東京理科大学)HIROTOMO YASUI

Co-author: Akira Nakamura, Kohei Ohno, Makoto Itami

“Reducing Impulsive Noise in OFDM Transmission Using Higher Order Modulation”


Duc V. Nguyen 会津大学Duc V. Nguyen

Co-author: Nguyen Dung, Huyen Trn, Pham Ngoc Nam, Anh T. Pham, Truong Cong Thang

“Quality-Delay Tradeoff Optimization in Multi-Bitrate Adaptive Streaming”


荒谷 光 (法政大学)AKIRA ARATANI

Co-author: Atsushi Kanai

Authentication Method Against Shoulder-Surfing Attacks Using Secondary Channel”


高田 涼生 (早稲田大学)RYOKI TAKADA

Co-author: Shota Orihashi, Yasutaka Matsuo, Jiro Katto

Improvement of 8K UHDTV Picture Quality for H.265/HEVC by Global Zoom Estimation”




Co-author: Fukuro KOSHIJI, Kohji KOSHIJI, Ken SASAKI

“Input Impedance Analysis of Wearable Antenna and Its Experimental Study with Real Human Body”



Co-author: Shuma Yokoyama, Noboru Harashima, Dai Takahashi, Jun Shiozawa, Michitaka Yoshino, Akira Yasuda

“A Highly Directional Speaker with Amplitude-Phase Control Using a Digitally Direct-Driven System”


大越 喬介(名古屋工業大学)KYOSUKE OHKOSHI

Co-author: Masanao Sawada, Tomio Goto, Satoshi Hirano, Masaru Sakurai

Blind Image Restoration Based on Total Variation Regularization and Shock Filter for Blurred Images”


中村 聡(東京理科大学)AKIRA NAKAMURA

Co-author: Makoto Itami

Zero-Forcing ICI Canceller Using Iterative Detection for Mobile Reception of OFDM”



山村 勇太(早稲田大学)YUTA YAMAMURA

Co-author: Shinya Iwasaki, Yasutaka Matsuo, Jiro Katto

“Quality Assessment of Compressed Video Sequences Having Blocking Artifacts by Cepstrum Analysis”


脇坂 優樹(電気通信大学)YUUKI WAKISAKA

Co-author: Hiroyuki Kasai

“Development of HTTP-based Multivision Video Streaming Server and Benchmark Evaluation”


アナク アグン ゲーデ ダルマ サテイーア(九州大学)ANAK AGUNG GEDE DHARMA SATYA

Co-author: Kiyoshi Tomimatsu

An Interactive Toolkit for Designing Vibrotactile Haptic Messages”



作田 泰隆(名古屋工業大学)YASUTAKA SAKUTA

Co-author: Asami Tsutsui, Tomio Goto, Masaru Sakurai, Ryuji Sakai

“Super-Resolution Utilizing Total Variation Regularization on CELL Processor”


馬 子驥(奈良先端科学技術大学院大学)ZIJI MA

Co-author: Tomonori Sato, Minoru Okada

“Compressed Sensing Based ICI Cancellation Method for OFDM Systems”


ワットカナッド ウィラポーン(電気通信大学)VERAPORN WATKANAD

Co-author: Hiroyuki Kasai

Study of Visual Attention on Multiple Video Sequences”



Co-author: Masaya Kato, Tatsuya Furukane, Keiji Shibata, Yuukou Horita

Tram Location and Route Navigation System Using Smartphone”




co-author: Keiji Shibata, Yuukou Horita

T11-S06 “Distinction of Road Surface Conditions at Nighttime Using  Brightness Co-Occurrence Matrix”



co-author: Hiroyuki Kasai, Ryoichi Shinkuma

T09-S2 “Location-Based Distributed Mobile Storage Using Short-Range Wireless Communication”


鈴木 彰太郎(名古屋工業大学)SOHTARO SUZUKI

co-author: Tomio Goto, Satoshi Hirano, Masaru Sakurai

T01-S5 “New Learning-Based Super Resolution Utilizing Total Variation Regularization Method”


北村 卓也(東京理科大学) TAKUYA KITAMURA

co-author: Kohei Ohno, Makoto Itami

T08-S05 “Iterative Impulsive Noise Reduction by Generating Its Replica Signal in OFDM Reception”



馬谷 輝彦(東京理科大学) TERUHIKO UMATANI

co-author: Kohei Ohono, Makoto Itami

3.3-2 “A Study on Schemes of Reducing Influence of Impulse Noise in OFDM under Multi-path Channel”



侯 亜飛(龍谷大学) YAFEI HOU

co-author : Tomihiro Hase

9.3-2 “New OFDM System without Guard Interval”


鈴木 彰仁(芝浦工業大学) AKIHITO SUZUKI

co-author : Kenta Senda, Masahiro Inoue

P-3-18 “Study on the coexistence of two types of PLCs in HF Band”



王 元綱 (早稲田大学) YUAN-KANG WANG

co-author : Akiko Seki, Wataru Kameyama

1.1-1 “A Proposal on Video Editing System Coping with Rights Inheritance Management for Secondary Content”


大久保 隆 (東京理科大学) TAKASHI OKUBO

co-author : Makoto Itami

3.2-2 “A Study on Cooperative Reception of One Segment ISDB-T”


加賀 陽介 (北海道大学) YOSUKE KAGA

co-author : Miki Haseyama

P2-14 “Two-Phased Region Integration Approach for Effective Pedestrian Detection in Low Contrast Images”


木村 修哉 (龍谷大学) SYUYA KIMURA

co-author : Takako Nonaka, Tomohiro Hase

P4-23 “Remote Control Generating Dynamic User Interface Corresponding to Audio Visual System Configuration”





Chair               菅原 真司     Sugawara Shinji(千葉工業大学)

Vice Chair         溝添 博樹     Mizosoe Hiroki(日立)

Secretary         藤井 亜里砂   Fujii ArisaNHK

Treasurer         堀田 あいら    Hotta Aira(東芝)