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                 IEEE MTT-S Kansai Chapter
                      Chair 石崎俊雄

IEEE MTT-S Japan/Kansai/Nagoya Chapters DML講演会

IEEE MTT-S Kansai Chapterでは,下記のように,Distinguished Microwave Lecturer (DML)である,Prof.
Tian-Wei Huang,Prof. Madhu S. Gupta, Prof. Takashi Ohiraをお招きし,9月22日に京都にて講演会が実現
今回はMTT-S SIGHT(Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology)合同ワークショップとなります.こ

●日時:2015 年 9月 22日(火)  13:00〜18:00
●場所:ハイアット リージェンシー 京都


(Part “R”) “Resilient ICT for Disaster Relief in Japan”, Chair: H. Wakana, NICT, Japan
(Part ”D”) “DML Talks”, Chair: T. Ishizaki, MTT-S Kansai Chapter, Japan

(R-1) 13:00-13:05 Welcome Address, TBD, MTTSIGHT Adhoc Committee
(R-2) 13:05-13:10 Introduction of Resilient ICT, H. Wakana, NICT, Japan
(R-3) 13:10-13:30  (R-ICT1) Hiroshi Kumagai, ICT in the Enhancement of Societal Resiliency against
Natural Disasters of the Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP)
(D-1) 13:30-14:30  (DML Talk1) Prof. Tian-Wei Huang, Smart RFIC: Millimeter-wave Gigabit
Transceivers with Digitally-enabled Built-in Self-calibration and Auto-switching Functions
(R-4) 14:30-14:50  (R-ICT2)Ryu Miura, Development and Field Trials on Wireless Relay Using Small
Unmanned Aircraft - For Connecting Isolated Areas Via a Temporary Aerial Tower in the Large-Scale
Disasters -
(R-5) 14:50-15:10  (R-ICT3) Yoshitaka Shimizu, Outline of Movable and Deployable ICT Resource Unit
and the feasibility study in the Philippine

15:10-15:20 Break

(R-6) 15:20-15:40  (R-ICT4) Noriharu Suematsu, Multi-Mode Portable VSAT for Disaster-Resilient
Wireless Networks
(R-7) 15:40-16:00  (R-ICT5) Tatsuya Yamazaki, Urban Disaster Simulation Incorporating Psychological
Models in Human Evacuation Behavior
(D-2) 16:00-17:00   Prof. Madhu S. Gupta, Microwave Engineering: What is it, where is it
(D-3) 17:00-18:00   Prof. Takashi Ohira, Welcome to kQ Theory for Wireless Power Transfer