Explanation of submitting Poster and Regular Paper
Please use the newest Word template (only for IMFEDK)

Click here for Japanese version.

Key Dates

There is no abstract submission step and you only need to submit the final version paper for selection.

Please use designated MS Word template as much as possible to avoid formatting errors at later process.
Please pay attention to the following points:

Please note that if you can't join the meeting or if you are not presented in front of your poster during the poster session
your paper will be considered as withdrawal and your paper will not be published through IEEE eXplore.
All papers of regular and poster sessions will be reviewed by the Committee , and low quality papers will be rejected.

Step 1 : Create MS Word File using Template

The final paper is limited to 2 pages of A4 size PDF file. Title of paper, author names and affiliation should be included.
Please use following MS Word templates and go to the next step.

For single affiliation 2023 Aug. 24
For two affiliations 2023 Aug. 24

Step 2 : Create PDF file

In order to publish your paper to IEEE eXplore digital library you should use PDF eXpress tool (site) to create and verify your PDF file.

How to use IEEE PDF eXpress :

Click PDF eXpress logo below then click "Create account" to register. Conference ID is 60983X . You will receive e-mail when completed.

IEEE PDF eXpress Logo

Now you can create and verify PDF file from your MS Word file. Click "Create New Title" to upload your MS Word file. You can use PDF eXpress as many times as you want.

Step 3 : Paper Submission

Paper (PDF format) and submission form should be sent to the secretary of IMFEDK2023 via the following email. 

Email Address: r05_imfedk@ieee.org
Submission Form: Paper Submission Form

After receiving the paper and submission form, you have a receipt confirmation e-mail including
submission number within 3 days.
If you don't receive this email within 3 days, please ask the secretary of IMFEDK 2023

You can resubmit the paper if you need modifications or corrections. please confirm the secretary.

Step 4 : IEEE Copyright Submission

Finally, move to IEEE Electric Copyright Submission. Please procedure the following step.

-After receiving the acceptance mail, you receive Copyright Pending Notice from IEEE.
-Check your title and mail address first. Then move to the URL site and fill in some
information.(username, password, etc). Send this form according to the procedure.
- After a short time, you receive Electronic Publication Agreement Receipt from IEEE.
- This completes the copyright Submission Procedure.

This step is a mandatory process to publish your paper through IEEE Digital Library.

That's all! Thank you for your submission.