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Last Updated Feb. 16th, 2024

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IMFEDK 2023 

The 2023 International Meeting for
Future of Electron Devices, Kansai

IMFEDK was held in Hybrid format !

(Online & Avanti Kyoto Hall, Kyoto,  Japan)

  November 16 (Thu)-17 (Fri), 2023



Award was announced (Nov. 17th., 2023)
Abstract and Zoom URL will be announced with IMFEDK 2023 mailing list (ML) for registrants.
Please check your e-mail and approve the mailing list. (Nov. 16th., 2023)
If the ML is not available, please contact the secretary. r05_imfedk@ieee.org
Advance Program was released! (Oct. 25th., 2023)
Registration site is open!!
Instruction for Authors (Paper Submission) (Closed)

IMFEDK has been giving scientists chances to disseminate their research results

 and university students opportunity to grow on their own.

Sponsor  / Supporters

Technical and financial sponsor: IEEE EDS Kansai Chapter

Technical and financial sponsor: IEEE

Publicity:  IEEE SSCS Kansai Chapter

Publicity:  IEEE Computer Society Kansai Chapter

Publicity:  The Japan Society of Applied Physics

 Publicity: The Technical Committee on Electron Devices, IEICE




Call for Papers(Click)
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Paper submission
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Instruction for Authors (Paper Submission) (Click)

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The registration form is open from Oct. 4th to Nov.17th.

All speakers and audience must register.

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Keynote Speech / Invited Talk List (Click)

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Committee Members

Program and Award of Past Meetings

LINK to IEEE EDS Kansai Chapter


Contact: IMFEDK Secretary: Tokiyoshi Matsuda (r05_imfedk@ieee.org)