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Last Updated Sep. 16th, 2023

21st !


IMFEDK 2023 

The 2023 International Meeting for
Future of Electron Devices, Kansai

IMFEDK will be held in Hybrid format !

(Online & Avanti Kyoto Hall, Kyoto,  Japan)

  November 16 (Thu)-17 (Fri), 2023



Instruction for Authors (Paper Submission) (Closed)

IMFEDK has been giving scientists chances to disseminate their research results

 and university students opportunity to grow on their own.

Sponsor  / Supporters

Technical and financial sponsor: IEEE EDS Kansai Chapter

Technical and financial sponsor: IEEE

Publicity:  IEEE SSCS Kansai Chapter

Publicity:  IEEE Computer Society Kansai Chapter

Publicity:  The Japan Society of Applied Physics

 Publicity: The Technical Committee on Electron Devices, IEICE




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Instruction for Authors (Paper Submission) (Click)

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The registration form is open from Sep.30 to Nov.17.

All speakers and audience must register.

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Committee Members

Program and Award of Past Meetings

LINK to IEEE EDS Kansai Chapter


Contact: IMFEDK Secretary: Tokiyoshi Matsuda (r05_imfedk@ieee.org)