EDS Kansai Chapter 設立記念技術講演会

昨年末にEDS Kansai Chapterが新しく設立されたことを記念して平成13年2月13日京都駅前キャンパスプラザ京都にて技術講演会が催された。講演はIEEE Fellowで且つテキサスインスツルメンツ社副社長、西義雄博士の格別なご好意によるものである。講演題目は"Silicon Technology Strategy for Internet Era"で質疑応答も含め午後1時30分から3時まで28人の参加者を集め大いに盛り上がった。

(English Version)
Newly formed Kansai Chapter held a lecture session on February 1 3 to commemorate it's year-end 2000 establishment. Dr. Yoshio Nishi, Senior Vice President of Texas Instruments Incorporated and IEEE fellow was invited to speak on this auspicious occasion.
Date: 1:30 - 3:OO p.m. February 13, 2001
Place: Campus Plaza, Kyoto
Host: IEEE EDS Kansai Chapter
Chair / Professor Hiroshi Nozawa, Kyoto University
Vice Chair / Mr. Masaru Kazumura, Matsushita Electric Corporation (MEC)
Secretary/ Professor Yashushi Yamamoto, Kyoto University
Treasure/ Mr. Tatsuo Otsuki, Matsushita Electric Corporation
 Lecture Program:
1: 30 Introduction by Professor Yamamoto, Kyoto University
1: 30-1: 35 Welcome by Mr. Kazumura, MEC
1: 35-2: 35 Guest speaker, Dr. Yoshio Nishi, Texas Instruments Incorporated
Topic "Silicon Technology Strategy for Internet Era"
2: 35-3: 00 Q&A session

Attendance:  28 IEEE members from universities and industries.

Summery of Lecture: Dr. Nishi presented his talk on "Silicon Technology Strategy for Internet Era" He lectured on trends in the past, present and future in terms of silicon devices, interconnects and integration which also have resulted in the changes in technology R&D model. Silicon Technology after becoming the dominant design of integrated circuits have been driven by Moore's Law and the scaling principle with DRAM and, later, MPU as technology drivers. Dr. Nishi asserted that, as we gradually move from PC era toward" Internet Era the strategy for silicon technology has been changing form density/performance driven to more functionality on chip driven.