Kansai Chapter Executive Committee Meeting

Kansai Chapter設立後初めての役員会議が4月4日京都大学で開かれた。会議の冒頭で野澤 博(京都大学)、数村 勝(松下電器産業)、山本、靖(京都大学)、大槻 達男(松下電器産業)がそれぞれChair, Vice-Chair, Secretary,およびTreasure として承認された。任期は2002年末とする。Chapterの役割や活動方針について審議の上5委員会を設置することが承認された。1) Nomination Committee; Chair谷口 研二 (大阪大学), 2) Awards Committee; Chair 西村 正(三菱電機)、 3) Publicity and Publication Committee; Chair鈴木 彰(シャープ), 4) Technical Committee Chair: 葛原 正明(日本電気),および 5) Educational and Membership Committee; Chair高須 秀視(ローム)。次回役員会議までの3ヶ月間につきDL(著名講演者)Meetingを含む計画を審議し了承した。

(English Version)
Kansai Chapter executive committee meeting was held at Kyoto University, Kyoto, April 4, 2001. At the beginning of the meeting, H. Nozawa of Kyoto Univ., M. Kazumura of Matsushita, Y. Yamamoto of Kyoto Univ., and T. Otsuki of Matsushita, were approved to serve as the chair, vice-chair, secretary, and treasure, respectively, for 2 year term until the end of year 2002. Then, the role and service of the chapter were discussed. It was decided to form 5 committees under the chapter in order to enhance the activity of the chapter. They are 1) Nomination Committee; Chair: K. Taniguchi of Osaka Univ., 2) Awards Committee; Chair: T. Nishimura of Mitsubishi, 3) Publicity and Publication Committee; Chair: A. Suzuki of Sharp, 4) Technical Committee Chair: M. Kuzuhara of NEC, and 5) Educational and Membership Committee; Chair: H. Takasu of Rohm. Finally, chapter schedule for the coming 3 months including several DL (distinguished lecture) plans was determined.

Photo: 左から右: 山本 靖(Secretary), 鈴木彰(Publicity and Publication Committee Chair),高須 秀視(Education and Membership Committee Chair), 岩井 洋(EDS Regions/Chapters Committee Chair),野澤 博(Chair), 数村 勝(Vice Chair),西村 正(Awards Committee Chair),葛原 正明(Technical Committee Chair)