IEEE SSCS Kansai Chapter Technical Seminar

IEEE SSCS Kansai Chapterでは, 下記の日程で特別セミナーを開催致しました.
講演者は, 高知工科大学の冨澤治先生とEtron Technology, Inc.の Dr. Nicky Luです.
日時2004年3月29日(月曜日) 13:00より17:00
会場 ぱるるプラザ京都6F D会議室 (JR京都駅前) (開場13:00)
講演概要, 講演者
「ハイテク企業におけるテクノロ ジーマネージメントの課題」
冨澤治 教授 (IEEE Fellow, 高知工科大学)
米国に設立された日 本企業のいわゆるコーポレートベンチャーの例を踏まえつつ、ハイテク企業に おける技術経営について技術戦略、技術マーケッティング等の課題を議論する。
「Emerging Technology and Business Solutions for System Chips」
Dr. Nicky Lu (IEEE Fellow, President, CEO, Etron Technology, Inc.)
Monolithic integrated circuits in planar technologies have long served as a driver of the IC industry’s successes. For this period, trends in the development of monolithic IC (MI) chips have been best measured by Moore's Law, which counts the number of transistors that can be integrated in a two-dimensional die area. Recently, a new IC landscape, best characterized as Heterogeneous Integration (HI) of various functions into a single system chip, has developed, motivated by the fast growth of Mobile-Intelligence Appliances. Besides incorporating the growing MI and SoC trends, future system chips will fully utilize multi-dimensional integration, within a single package, of multiple dies that cover a variety of digital, analog, memory and RF functions and technologies. Measurement of development trends in this new era must focus on the number of functions per unit volume in a limited footprint area, and the ability to achieve low operational energy. Correspondingly, business models of IC companies, which have evolved from vertical integration to horizontal segmentation, must change. In order to meet the challenges of HI, they should adopt virtual vertical integration, with multiple companies in clustered partnership operations. Interesting parallels between technical and business activities in the emerging world of heterogeneous integration in system chips will be presented, using Taiwanese IC companies with their global partners, as examples.

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