IMFEDK 2017 Registration

Online registration is now open. Deadline: 17:00, June 23 (JPT)

Welcome to the IMFEDK 201
7 online registration. We strongly recommend Pre-registration, to get technical digest and/or tutorial text timely.
Please fill up the "
2017_registration_form.xls", and send it to the following IMFEDK 2017 Executive Committee mailing address as an attached file through e-mail:

mnishihara(at) - Please change (at) to @

Thank you for your cooperation.    

Additionally the onsite-registration will be also available June 29 and 30.
Payment for the "online" and "onsite": in cash (yen) only at the registration desk onsite

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[ご案内(in Japanese)

申込み用のエクセル・シート(上記の "2017_registration_form.xls" をクリック)に記載しメール送付。

入会手続きはWEBにて。(上記 "Join IEEE!" をクリック)