The 2016 International Meeting

for Future of Electron Devices, Kansai


June 23-24, 2016

Ryukoku University Avanti Kyoto Hall, Kyoto, Japan




The 14th Conference Theme:

"What are the next key devices for IoT era ? h


The 14th IMFEDK is sponsored by IEEE EDS Kansai Chapter






Call for Papers, IMFEDK2016



Deadline of Final Manuscript Submission: -- CLOSED
This is only for Revise

Notification of Acceptance: Apr. 18, 2016 <-- Done on Apr. 19


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Advanced Program <-- New


Keynote Speaker

 Tetsuya Yagi (Osaka University)

"Quest for Visual System of the Brain to Create Artificial Vision"


Invited Talks


Si devices:

T. Tsuchiya (Shimane University)

"Detection and Characterization of Single MOS Interface Traps by the Charge Pumping Method"


M. Takenaka (University of Tokyo)

"Heterogeneous integration of SiGe/Ge and III-V for Si photonics"


Compound devices:

Tomoyoshi Mishima (Hosei University)

"High quality free-standing GaN substrates and their application to high breakdown voltage GaN p-n diodes"




H. Takao (University of Kagawa)

"High Resolution Silicon MEMS Tactile Sensors for Measurement of Fingertip Sensation"


T. Kanno (Panasonic)
"Transverse thermoelectric effect and its applications of synthetically or naturally anisotropic materials"


Tutorials (in Japanese)


  Satoshi Tanimoto (Nissan Arc)

The Coming SiC/GaNAge
`Emerging Package and Analysis Technologies`

 Mitsuru Nakata @(NHK)

gOxide thin-film transistor technology and its application to flexible displaysh



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Committee Members


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IMFEDK Secretariat (Michinori Nishihara)