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*Election for officials 2020−2021 [#cc664c51]

現在、Nomination Committeeより下記の方々が推薦されております。~
支部長:   庄山正仁氏 (九州大学)~
副支部長:  湯浅裕美氏 (九州大学)~
セクレタリ: 吉田敬氏  (九州大学)~
会計:    丸田英徳氏 (長崎大学)~


Announcement of Candidates for IEEE Fukuoka Section Officers and Executive Committee Members for 2020/2021

September 19th, 2020~
Dear IEEE Fukuoka Section Members,

Pursuant to the provisions of the MGA Oprations Manual and Addendum of Fukuoka Section, the following candidates have been nominated for the Fukuoka Section's 2020/2021 Officers and Members of the Executive Committee. This announcement is made upon approval by the Nomination Committee.

Officer Candidates:

Masahito SHOYAMA~
Professor, Kyushu University~

-Vice Chair:~
Hiromi YUASA~
Professor, Kyushu University~

Takashi YOSHIDA~
Assistant Professor, Kyushu University~

Hidenori MARUTA~
Associate Professor, University of Nagasaki~
Associate Professor, Nagasaki University~

If you wish to recommend additional candidates other than the above, please submit a petition with the signatures of 1% (8 persons) or more of the Section’s voting members, that is, higher grade than Graduate Student Member.

Sincerely yours,


Address of the Section Office:

IEEE Fukuoka Section~
Research Support Department~
Institute of Systems, Information Technologies and Nanotechnologies (ISIT)~
Fukuoka SRP Center Building 7F~
2-1-22 Momochihama, Sawara-ku,~
Fukuoka 814-0001 Japan~
FAX: 092-852-3455~

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