*Election for officials 2013−2014 [#c813d829]

RIGHT:September 15, 2012                                      
Announcement of Candidates for IEEE Fukuoka Section Officers
and Executive Committee Members for 2013/2014

Dear IEEE Fukuoka Section Members,

Pursuant to the provisions of the MGA Oprations Manual and Addendum of Fukuoka Section, the following candidates have been nominated for the Fukuoka Section's
2013/2014 Officers and Members of the Executive Committee.
This announcement is made upon approval by the Section Executive Committee.

Officer Candidates~
-Chair:Fukunaga, Hirotoshi~
Nagasaki University

-Vice Chair:Kubodera, Shoichi~
Miyazaki University.

-Secretary:Uchida, Seiichi~
Kyushu University

-Treasurer:~Matsumoto, Satoshi~
Kyushu Institute of Technology

If you wish to recommend additional candidates other than the above, please submit a petition with the signatures of 1% (8 persons) or more of the Section voting members, that is, higher grades than the Member.
The petition should reach the Section Office (See the following address) by October 15. In the event that plural candidates are nominated, the ballot election would be conducted in October.

Sincerely yours,
RIGHT:IEEE Fukuoka Section
RIGHT:Chair: Tsutomu Sasao

Address of the Section Office:

 IEEE Fukuoka Section
 Research Planning Department
 Institute of Systems &Information Technologies/KYUSHU Fukuoka SRP Center Building 7F
 2-1-22 Momochihama, Sawara-ku,
 Fukuoka 814-0001 Japan
 FAX: 092-852-3465

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